Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Right before I got sick with the flu, we received a package in the mail that contained 3 hats. Three hats that were made by a very generous woman in Alaska. The children have since referred to these hats as the "Alaska" hats. It has generated quite a few questions about "Do they have to wear jackets inside???" and " Do they ever have a summer?" (I'd guess that the word "Alaska" conjures pictures of piles of snow and endless winters to them). In the end...they wear these hats all the time...and love they're sending a great big THANK YOU out to Gayle over at The White House. And I'm sending my thank you too...I've been looking for hats that my flying monkeys would wear so they don't freeze their ears off :) It is people like you that give me hope in humanity.


Chai Chai said...

Alaska (I'll-ask-ya) noun; A place where there are more questions than answers, very confusing to outsiders.

Number 1 son doesn't look too happy to have his picture taken, did you forget to say sheep's milk cheese?

Gayle said...

Tell the kids they are very welcome... I just may have to make some more in other colors!

As far as snow... we get it sooner and we have it longer than everyone else limiting summer to about 3 months, but you, by far, get more snow than we do. They'd like it here... hardly any shovelling. :)

We don't wear coats inside and sometimes we don't wear them outside. It's an Alaskan thing... to walk around pretending we are tougher than the rest of the world. I saw a teenager in shorts and flip flops at the grocery store at -20 below this winter. Maybe "tougher" isn't the right word. Maybe it should be "stupid"!!

We currently have a balmy 12 degrees and not much snow. My heart goes out to Outside where folks are getting hit hard. I hope it misses you. Stay warm and safe!!

Homemade Alaska said...

Being from Alaska, this post made me smile.