Monday, February 7, 2011

My dad's gold watch.

This is my fathers "gold watch". He got it when he left his job of 20-something years. Nice eh? After he got it he brought it over to us to store...and said " I don't think I'll ever use might as well keep it.", to which I replied "what am I going to do with it?!?!" . I finally figured out what to do with this retirement gift. Pig meat. Yes....pig meat. Spork and Spam will be going to hog heaven at the end of the week, and the Major and I have decided to cure and smoke the ham ourselves....and isn't it convenient that we had a smoker in our garage?? Home smoked bacon and ham...yum.
Im not sure when the company he worked for switched over from gold watches to meat smokers. Or why. I remember seeing pictures of my grandfather, who worked for the same company, getting his gold watch..yes..a REAL gold watch. I think my grandmother might have gotten one as grandparents and my dad all worked for the same company. After my grandparents retired, the company was bought out by a French company....and apparently they think meat smokers = gold watches. The French are weird.


Gayle said...

Yes, the French are very weird. I guess his unfortunate gift is your blessing. Good luck with the smoking. We have one similiar to that and another one, and I am an epic failure at it. Now they just rust.

Chai Chai said...

I will be curious to hear about the smoking adventure. Do you bring a butcher over to help?

CatHerder said... out..its like potato chips you cant have just one..we started out with that model, graduated to a cabelas propane smoker, now we have a professional sized cast iron wood smoker....its addictive...ENJOY

Chai Chai said...

How is the crow doing?

Stace said...

Ive seen Edgar around...he eats our compost and hangs out in the barn eating the rabbit grain on occasion. He seems to have a circuit he runs between neighbors. Still not flying though. Im not sure if he ever will :(

HFM Solution said...

Nice watch... But where it is ? ... :-(

HFM Solutions