Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tree Time!!

The Smith Farm in Cabot VT

As I'm sure you remember (because I'm almost 100% certain that the word revolves around me), last year we started a new tradition. We go and cut down our own yule tree at a tree farm. It's cold, you have to get down into the snow and cut down the tree with a hand saw, then you have to drag it uphill to the car. Sounds joyful, doesn't it?? Actually all of those things make it more fun and memorable..."remember that time we went to get a tree and I lost my toe to frostbite??". Memorable. This year wasn't the year of frostbite though, this year it was in the 30's..which is downright balmy for Vermont in December!! Aysha and Matt came over to help, and afterwards brought all of the younger kids to Burlington to shop for each other. Such a sweet thing to do and they had such a great time!

Walking down the hill to find a tree..being accompanied by the "farm" dog.

She was such a cutie, the kids loved her.

Standing around waiting for our tree to get cut....

Elves aren't the best with handsaws.

This is what happens to elves who don't pay attention to where they're going.

Getting our tree wrapped!

Not nearly as big as last year's tree...but still nice!

The finished tree
And the evening wouldn't be complete without sitting on "Santa's" lap :P

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Gayle said...

Tree farms are such an Outside thing. Pumpkin patches, too. We find that stuff at pumpkin and tree stores. Unless you are me and I don't do pumpkin carving and my tree is fake (which is why I can have it for a month is this dry to the bone weather up here!). Besides if we had a tree farm I sure as shit wouldn't go cut one down at -20 below! So glad you and the family had a good time, though.