Monday, December 6, 2010

Needles & Nails...The cats of Thistle Willow.

This is Needles and Nails, the "kittens" of the farm. We got them in September after the loss of my "baby"...Salem. Who, incidentally, was black as well. I've introduced many cats into my house over the years, and new cats usually require space and quiet and an adjustment period to get used to their new surroundings. Not these two. I put them in the back room with food, water and a cat box to allow them some de-stressing time...and they dug at the door crying to get out the entire time. Once I opened it and let them out they plopped themselves down on my bed like they owned it. No fear in these two.
This is how they spend most of their day. Sleeping. They do go into spurts of craziness...flying around the house, knocking things down and running over human bodies like we were asphalt on a racetrack...but those "spells" don't last very long..and then they're passed out sleeping yet again.
This is their second favorite activity...birdwatching. It doesn't take as much effort as the racing, and is totally engrossing. Many times they hang off the curtains, or the window sill....hence the digs out of the paint you can see...they hang there after hitting the window trying to catch the birds. You would think that after hitting the window as hard as they do they'd figure out that the big see-through barrier isn't going anywhere and maybe they should stop trying....but...they haven't worked that particular theory out yet...we're still hoping.
Another fun activity...tree climbing. They get to go outside when we are out there. I don't let them out alone as they seem to have no fear of vehicles and will sit directly under one that is running. The day this picture was taken we watched Needles climb all the way to the top of an apple tree....and lose his footing. Graceful he is NOT.

I couldn't have asked for better kid-cats. The kids carry them around daily, pulling them out of sound sleep and hefting them onto their shoulders. The cats take it passively...going limp like little rag dolls and singing so loud you can hear it from the other room.

As I type this Nails is curled up next to my legs and Needles is trying to figure out how to curl up on my chest (his favorite spot...neck/chest/head area...), they're both singing loudly and are completely content...and I'm smiling, because Thistle Willow wouldn't be the same without these two fools to keep us entertained.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful cats! I love them already. And finding good kid-cats is not easy. You're very lucky to have these kitties in your life (as they are to have you in theirs)!

Gayle said...

Once upon a time I had a shiny black cat just like them named Sasha. She was entirely too curious and I lost her in downtown Spokane when she climbed out a cracked windown while my new roommate and I were reading a map trying to find an apartment to rent. I went to the pound every day for months.

I don't do cats anymore so it is nice to see your babies. I had three and while I was out-of-town at the hospital with my mom who had a stroke my evil ex got rid of them all. That was over ten years ago and I'll never forgive him. We have life-threatening allergies in this house now so I guess it is for the better. I could never love another cat like I loved them. Enjoy your kitties!

Chai Chai said...

What do you mean your bed? Where did you ever get that quaint idea?

Love the picture of them in the tree. Their description reminds me a lot of how Mocha and Chai treat us here.

WhisperingWriter said...

I love cats. I prefer them so much over dogs.

Lori Skoog said...

Stace...thanks for visiting. Your cats are gorgeous as are your calves...and that ram is positively stunning. It is starting to warm up here this morning...we may hit 34. A couple of mild days then back to the deep freeze. I'm sending some heat your way.