Monday, October 11, 2010

One year ago today....

Eight fluffy sheep were delivered to Thistle-Willow Farm. Today there are 12 fluffy sheep living here, eating off pasture, enjoying their little sheepy world.
It has been a long year, full of many discoveries. Some happy, some not so much. I have become fully efficient at giving shots to animals that really don't want one....I have learned the fine art of hoof trimming...I have learned the signs of bloat and saved a sheep from it...I have learned how to pull lambs out of their mothers, and learned how to bury them when things don't work out. I try and take every experience as an opportunity to learn and I am fully enjoying it!

Sped, Jr. Ram from Sonny and Darlin'. Super sweet boy, if you scratch his chest he licks your arm :P lol
Spot Jr. Ram from Ruthie and Sonny. His fleece is GORGEOUS! It's almost variegated.
Hershey-Pie Jr. Ewe from Princess and Baa'rack. I'm looking forward to getting her fleece looks like a cloud!
Letisha, senior Ewe and our oldest. She missed last year lambing, I'm hoping to get a lamb out of her this year though. She will be bred with Sonny.
Darlin'. Senior Ewe. She gave birth to two BIG babies last year, so this year I'm going to breed her with Baa'rack as he seems to throw MONSTER babies.
Sonny, Senior Ram. Such a sweet boy :) And he throws awesome babies.
Baa'rack Senior Ram. This is my AI ram; a Morri son. He's a BIG boy and a big doofus. His lambs are exceptional.
Ruthie, Senior Ewe. Last years lambs were awesome, this year I will breed her with Baa'rack, I think the combination will produce some beautiful babies.
Rita, Senior Ewe. Last years lambs were small and I wasn't going to breed her again this year but I think I'm going to try her with Baa'rack and see how that goes...she has great fleece and I'd love to keep this line going.
Annushka, Jr. Ewe. OMG the fleece!!! Black with reddish highlights, so thick and soft....mmmm...a sweater knitted with her fleece would be fantastic! I guess I'd better learn to knit :P
Ellerby-Faye, Jr. Ewe. Big puffball of shiny, gorgeous fleece. Another one I'm looking forward to getting sheared!

Ada Senior Ewe. My escape artist. She'd probably be mutton if it weren't for her wool....absolutely INCREDIBLE!

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Gayle said...

You have amazingly beautiful sheep. Such a nice grassy pasture for them, too. Daisy always looks like crap 'cause her pen is dirt. I'd love to visit your place someday.