Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grammie Lil

This is my Grammie Lil in 1943. At the time she and my grandpa Herb were living and working on a farm in Woodsville. I don't know if she had just finished haying with grandpa, or if she just decided to pose on the tractor with their dog Tippy, but I love this picture, it speaks to me in so many ways about a part of her I never got to know.
By the time I was born my grandpa was retired from Norton Pike, a stone (sharpening) making factory, my grammie still worked there, for her own money, that she usually spent on me, and they lived in a rented apartment. Farming was WAY out of the picture. My grandpa used to talk about what hard work farming was, but I don't really remember my gram talking much about it. She would tell me stories about growing up before cars and electricity had come to every house in northern NH, I knew how much she loved animals but she never said she regretted not living on a farm again; even though I asked my parents and even my gram, repeatedly for a horse, pony or a farm animal of ANY kind ( I was desperate to live on a farm..ANY farm..and ANY farm animal would do...chicken, goose, duck, cow...I didn't care).
This picture, though, shows me a happy time in her life...where, even if the work was really hard, she still had a smile and a sense of humor for the camera....and whomever was behind it. Maybe my love affair with farm life comes from her after all.


Marinka said...

I love this picture too. A piece of history.

Thank you for sharing it.

...you can call me Kim said...

Great picture and post. love it!

Anonymous said...

You definitely got your love of farms from Grammie! I can feel it. :) I just got back from a 5 week vacation and am scanning your always fun and great photos; I missed your animals and your hilarious blog!