Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Driving the babies...

Lyl Miss Mouth and I have started walking the calves around the property in the evening. Not only does it give her a little one on one with me, but it gives the calves a good 1/2 hour of training time. They're well enough behaved now that Lyl Miss can handle them all on her own...for a little bit of the time anyway :)

Today I got them new halters...they were not very happy at the beginning of the walk with them though...of course it could be because I have NO IDEA how to get one on far as I know they might be upside down and backwards....*shrug* I really have no clue. Poor things.

At this juncture, Moe is MUCH better...the abscesses on his knees are looking great and once the last one closes up and scabs I will be able to start weaning him off the antibiotics. I can detect NO limp so hopefully we caught the joint ill early and nipped it in the bud before any permanent damage was done.


Gayle said...

Must have been such a stressful time. I'm sure in no time you'll have them back to good and fattened up.

Stace said...

I hope so! Although they're Holstein...I don't know that they ever "fatten" up lol....every one I've ever seen has looked boney to me. Maybe being raised off a dairy and being grassfed and spoiled will be different and they'll lose some of that "pointy-ness"..