Thursday, September 2, 2010


We are headed to the western part of the state. Why? Well....Thistle-Willow Farm will be increasing its numbers by two. Any guesses?

In other news, we had 3 of our lambs slaughtered this morning. Looking forward to some lamb chops in the near future!

We also moved Spork and Spam outside and have been having fun watching them dig and root and run and race. They are definitely fun to watch....which doesn't change the fact that I'm looking forward to bacon at some point this spring.

Tonight we are headed to the fair grounds to take apart the 4H garden. Our group got second in the garden contest, first in the float contest, first in the scarecrow display and first in the scrapbook display. Individually the kids did really well...Lyli got first for her quilt, and the vegetables she put in. Zephryn got first for the Anadama bread he put in and second for the doughnuts and second for the veggies. Tryphon got first for the veggies he put in and first all the way around for his 4 chickens....and Fes and Fesette (white crested black polish bantams) got best pair in show. They had tons of fun and are already planning for next year.


Gayle said...

You guys sure cleaned up at the fair! Good for you!

My guess...cattle of some sort.

Kimberly said...

Hey, you chose my name SPAM for one of your piggies!!! We had a neighbor with an obese Chow named Pam and we use to joke and call her Spam!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the great placings at the Fair! Can Zephryn share his special doughnut recipe? :) Yummmm, lamb chops! We bought a lamb this summer ourselves (processed...our friends raised it); just had gyros for dinner yesterday. We're looking forward to raising a pig or two one day. :)