Friday, September 3, 2010

Mop and Moe

Thistle-Willow's new future oxen team......or if that doesn't work out....freezer fodder. We were toodling down I-89 when I took this picture. I'm sure there were a couple of double takes..I mean, how many times have you passed a caravan with cows inside it? I have to say, these two were the least stinky of the farm animals we've moved, and they were very well behaved and quiet.

The Major decided on Mop and Moe for his job they are M(easure) O(f) E(ffectivness) and M(easure) O(f) P(erformance). Nothing like bringing your work home, eh? Better than the alternative....he was going to name them Larry (the cable guy) and Ron (white)...*rolls eyes* lol.


Anonymous said...

This is definitely the first time I've ever seen cows in a minivan! Wow! They are cute (and probably very tasty). ;)

I like your dh's names for them!

Kimberly said...

I can still remember my dad honking the horn on his truck over and over, as he drove up the front hill to our house in Ohio. Mom and I rushed to the front window to see what was going on. It was my dad and uncle in the front seat of their dump truck, with a GOAT sitting on the front seat between them! ROFL

So I totally get the whole transportation situation! :)

Gayle said...

I knew it!! Just didn't know they would be so darn cute! There definitely has to be some video taken of you training them. I think it would be very entertaining! :) Lots of luck with the new adventure.

Firefly Mom said...

They are so cute!! It's probably a very good thing that our plot is too small to hold cows, or I'm sure we'd have one.