Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today...on The Farm...

Spork the pig asks "Please, Sir....may I have some more?"
While Spam breaks into a total piggy rendition of "Food Glorious Food".
Sonny models for the camera during the "Who's the Man" competition here on Thistle Willow.
Baa'rack gets to model this year as well, and unlike last year, it looks like this competition might be stiff!
Mop has submitted an ad and has asked me to run it on here: "Hello, my name is Mop. I am 2 weeks old with red and white spots and an athletic build. I am a Virgo and enjoy mooing loudly for my dinner, bucking in the field and suckling on my brother's ear. If you'd like to share a bottle or a clump of grass, please contact me by calling 555-MILK. Thank you!"

Thanks for tuning in!


Gayle said...

I'm thinking you shovel a lot of poo! LOL

Everyone is adorable. Pigs are so fun.

Firefly Mom said...

So, you're running a Match.com site for farm animals now, eh? Who says you can't have fun in the sticks! LOL

WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, cute animals.