Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its only been a week?!?!?!

We've been having a heat wave. Every day I lay in front of the fan and tell my children I'm melting and they laugh and dance around the house singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". It's not amusing. Anyway, tonight it cooled off enough for me to walk...and breathe and I was AMAZED at what 90 degree heat and a week can make in a garden! I should have known...but in my defense the last two summers here have been more like wet springs than summers.

Lyli's corn and sunflowers are HUGE...I was worried we got the corn in too late, but it looks like we might get some corn on the cob after all!

My baking beans....check out the difference in pictures from a week ago. Crazy.
Ooo...broccoli is almost ready to eat!!
And my tomatoes...I can't wait!
We harvested our first zucchini today and a pepper...we ate them in a stir fry..and was good!

Check out the squash on the compost heap...WOW!
I can't wait for the peas to be ready...I am so tired of canned and frozen. There is nothing like fresh.
Now we just need some rain...But after the last few years of rain and cold I think I can deal with a little bit more long as the Wizard of OZ soundtrack stops playing in my house.


Gayle said...

Your gardens look awesome. I'm looking forward to having my greenhouse done for next year and having tomatoes. Nice job, lady!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Your kids have inherited your killer sense of humor!

I don't know why you come to my blog and say you envy my garden; yours is tons neater and better looking! It's kind of funny your zuch was ready before your peas. Peas are a cool weather crop, after all. ;)

gayle said...

This is a nice change from the last two summers. I can bear a little heat in exchange for the garden not drowning.
Things are actually growing this year, instead of just sitting there sulking!