Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot tub time vortex!

There is some sort of strange time vortex happening on my property. I kid you not.

We had a party on the third...our children were at their grandparents, we had just bought a 21 year old hot tub that leaked and surprisingly the Major had no where he had to be. We sent out invitations last minute and three of our clan of friends said they would be here. Since one of those friends is vegan and another one is vegetarian, I decided to send out for Thai food instead of cooking which was AWESOME....both the Thai food and the fact that I didn't have to cook :)

Everyone showed up at about 4:30. Everyone brought alcohol. Thinking I was supplying the beer I had bought a case prior. My liver cringed at the amount of beer sitting in the cooler and the fridge.

We went for a quick walk in the gardens and then got in the tub where we stayed....for the next TWELVE hours! We watched the sun go down, the moon come up and then the sun rise. And yes, we ran out of beer. And no, no one drowned. But yes, we were all pruny.

This is the second time this has happened...not the hot tub party, but that we've been outside after dark, come inside an realized it was 3-4 o'clock...neither time it felt like it was past midnight/1 o'clock. Strange. Almost as strange as a bunch of 40ish people staying up all night drinking in a hot tub knowing they have to get up the next day to go an have a bbq with family and pick up their children. Maybe strange isn't the right adjective for that.......

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Gayle said...

Now that sounds like a party right up my alley. My friend and I did that a few weeks ago...partied until 5am, but for doesn't get dark! Hope you had a good time.