Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden update...

Just because it's been awhile....and there was a lull in the rain. Ignore the grass...I have to mow..but it has been perfect garden weather...rainy then lots of heat and sun. ...of course the grass loves it too and since I broke the mower deck a while back (I don't want to talk about it) its been a challenge trying to keep up with it.

Our compost pile with all of the "leftovers"...squash, cukes, peppers and pumpkins!
Peas...and in front of that, bolted spinach. I need to grow more...I love having fresh spinach on hand.
Our pole beans....maybe this year I will have enough to eat!
Tomatoes. These plants are the best looking plants I've ever had. I hope their fruit is the same.
Patiently waiting on the broccoli.
Oh...and our newest I can sit and look at all the weeding and grass mowing I have to do from the luxury of my very own hot tub. Oh...what a good summer it will be!


Anonymous said...

Wait, how did you go from 10 feet of snow to this amazing garden in just a month?!! Sure seems like it was just a month since you guys stopped getting snow. ;)

Just read your previous post and am totally cracking up! You ARE the perfect spouse...I can't believe how much you accomplish, and am positively envious.

Ok, back to catching up...vacation suck that way.

Rose Gold said...

I really love your cabbage! Its really big in size and the hot tub really looks great. I want to try it someday having a hot tub while site seeing in my garden.. How refreshing!

Crystal Fish said...

You do have healthy veggies and surely you will have lots of produce this season. With lots of compost soil in your disposal, you will have healthier plants. And I love that Hot Tub. I can see myself relaxing in it after a hard days work in the garden. Amazing!