Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I was complaining just 3 days ago that there was no snow. Mike was helping me round up the birds to put in the barn one evening, and while he was up in the corner field, jumped on our riding mower and actually mowed a strip or two of meadow..."just to see how it mowed". When he had come back down and parked the mower I looked at him...incredulous...and said "You know..there is something VERY WRONG about mowing the lawn on December 4th in northern Vermont.". He didn't get where I was coming from.
By December we usually have at least a dusting of snow and the temps are almost always in the 20's and 30's during the day. Not this year. In fact, on the day of the "Mowing Incident", I had all of the windows open and was outside barefoot and in short sleeves. Yes...I'm serious. I wouldn't lie about something like that....There are even fruit trees along my driveway that have new buds on them. In DECEMBER. *shakes head* Its just too weird.
Well...APPARENTLY the snow Gods heard me....and took pity on me....A LOT of pity...because now, we've gone from 65 degrees, sunshiny days to 20 degrees and, Hey...do you think you're EVER GOING TO STOP SNOWING?!?!?!? My Christmas decorations look much better backed by snow...and I'm feeling much more "in the mood"....get your head out of the gutter...I meant In the mood to SHOP...ya bunch of guttersnipes....But I'd like to be able to get down off this hill occasionally. The road we live on is the very last to get touched by the state, it also offers a long, windy road with northern exposure...and...its in a salt free zone. SOooooo...if this keeps up...I doubt we'll see pavement on that road until spring. I might have to resort to riding a sheep into town.

Ada-Mae enjoying the snow.

Baa'rack Orama...look how shaggy he's gotten...I'm amazed at how fast their wool grows.

Awww...Look at how much the guineas like the snow...hehehehehe


Anonymous said...

Lady, you can have my snow! LOL! We had a light dusting on Monday morning, but I guess some precip had frozen on the ground because tons of cars had run off the road when I headed into town for a doc's appt.

Ooooh, I love your red barn! You need to put a wreath up on the side and take a pic with all that snow. It'd make a great holiday card photo!

Cute huddled guineas... poor things! ;)

Gayle said...

Sweet! Looks beautiful. So glad to have you back! lol I have these ideas of Vermont (you know from that movie where the lady goes to the woods to raise the child, makes baby food and falls in love with the vet). that are romantic. The snow helps that idea. I hope to get there someday.