Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Washing my first fleece

I had to try it...the bag sitting in the other room was just calling to me...."please..wash me...I'm soooo dirty". So, last night, I pulled out the most pathetic bag of wool I had..and decided to skirt it and wash it. Both of which I had never attempted...ever...I didn't have a skirting I did the best I could on the bar top....I won't be doing that again...way too much stuff left in the fleece after washing..but like I said..this fleece is from my oldest ewe...and its short and not very good it really was just a practice run, I don't feel that I've lost very much from doing it..In fact I feel like I've learned quite a bit.
Let me run you through my evening..because I know you want me too :-P

Letisha's fleece...she's 7 years old..and white..not that you can tell she's white from this fleece...ICK!

So the first thing you do after you skirt the fleece is soak it for at least 20 minutes in COLD water. Look at the color of that water nasty.

After 20 or so minutes you take it out..and look at that water!! It looks like tea!! Sooo dirty...ewwwwww...LOL

Next step is a soak in detergent and really HOT water...I used Dawn..because that was what was easy for me to get..there are other detergents that are just as good if not need to move the wool from the water to the colandar carefully...any kind of agitation will make it start to felt...Icelandic fleece in particular is apt to do this because it is so low grease.

After the water begins to cool a bit, you take it out and refill the water tub with more HOT water and rinse by letting it soak until the water begins to cool...repeat that process until the soap is all out. Look at how much whiter that wool looks!!

And here it is after a spin in the washer (only on spin..not on rinse cycle). There is still stuff in the fleece itself..but like I said..I really think that is due to my horrible skirting job. All and all it was a pretty easy job...:)



Gayle said...

What is skirting? Let me tell you...when I cut Daisy it all goes in the trash. I know...what a horrible waste...but I just can't get past the poop thing to clean it (and it is a fortune to send it out to be cleaned). I think you did a lovely job. Now what are going to do with it?

Anonymous said...

I do bow down to you (yet again). A friend gave me a bag of fleece one time and I tried to wash it. It was so disgusting that I gave up...yours looks great!!

Anonymous said...

A posse ad esse

Gayle said...

I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.