Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread House

Tis the season!! The kids talked me into getting them a gingerbread house as a holiday craft project. I was envisioning glue-like frosting stuck in every crevice my kitchen has...as well as every one of my children's orifices...I think I had a small nervous breakdown every time they asked me if it was time to put the darn thing together. It wasn't pretty.
Turns out all of my nightmares were completely unfounded...they did GREAT!

I did this part....getting the walls to stick together and the roof to not slide off was challenging...thankfully we have canned goods to help.

Look at the cooperation!!! No one is crying or fighting!! Its a freaking holiday miracle!!!!

Ooo...its got a door!

Even the fish have gotten in to the holiday spirit!! Ok, maybe they didn't ASK for the elf hat...but I could tell the way they were looking at me with their googly eyes that they wanted it.....they wanted it bad....really.

Coming right along!

All in all it was a fun project...a little messy, but you know what?? The kids cleaned it ALL up and there was no fighting..they did a GREAT job cooperating and working with each other....Which is the best gift I could have gotten :)


Kimberly said...

I bought 3 of these kits at Target after xmas last year. I think I paid .99¢ for each one. So all of the kids had their own. They sat at the dining room table for over an hour, giving each other tips, and it was great. The boys were upset when their little sister had the best one though! The only complaint the kids had was the icing tube was a real bear to squeeze!

Now I have them begging for the $10 kits this year! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've only attempted the gingerbread house thing once: and it was at a mom-kid class at a cooking school. ;) You're brave! And it turned out great!