Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Well, its STILL snowing..and today its snowing with PURPOSE! There are drifts out there up to my knees...geeesh...and the wind is HOWLING. There was no school today for Lyli, and Mike stayed home as well, so here we all are...just taking a day to relax. Well..not really....I moved our dressers out into the addition....there is no heat out there, but it shouldn't kill us...afterall..we're Vermonters...we can walk 5 miles to the doctors with a broken femur...carry 50lb bags of grain across streets in our teeth!.....oh, wait..that was my Great-Grandfather..and he was from New OTHER Great-Grandfather WAS a Vermonter...and...well......I guess his picture speaks volumes....
I'll rephrase: We are Vermonters! And we wear fur hats!!!

And drink Mulled wine on snowy days!!!

Yummmmm!!! Makes me love snowy days!!


Kimberly said...

I guess the mulled wine explains the broken femur, bags of grain, and fur hat story, pretty well!

Go snuggle and drink wine! We had a family dinner with about 25 people on my parents back patio! The kids were playing soccer in the yard and it was about 80ยบ with a light breeze! We are Flor-i-dians! LOL

(LOVE the pic of your g-grandpa!)

Anonymous said...

That is such a cool photo of your Great Grandfather!

I don't envy your snowfall, but boy do I want some mulled wine now!

Gayle said...

Do I live in a box? I had to google mulled wine...interesting. Might have to give it a try. I believe you teach me something new with every post.