Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Timey Christmas Sentiment...take two!

I don't really believe in coincidence, so the fact that I re-read this post from last year just an hour before I went out and got the mail makes me wonder if someone was trying to prepare my laugh muscles for what was bound to be a laugh-fest.

I love my Great Aunt Doris....In fact I'm thinking of writing to her on a regular basis because frankly I love getting her little letters....they're so full of knowledge , humor, weather reports and self-taught medical could I NOT love them!!

This years card reads as follows:

Hi Stacy and Mike: See your family are growing up also. Such beautiful children, wont belong they'll be out of school and on their way.
Ive been down for a couple of weeks. Doc's say allergies, but I wonder. Face beet red, forehead itches, eyes puffeered ( I spelled it exactly as she wrote have NO idea what word its actually supposed to be) up. Its not so red today. Looks like I hit the wine bottle too hard and I don't have any.
Its a gloomy day here today. Suppose to cool down to 50 or 30. Did go out and clean debris from the wind. Had a whole can full.
I hear you're getting snow, you need it if its cold. cover the ground.
Not an exciting life for sure.
Love Aunt Doris

This year's card seems to be much less...angry...and actually a bit...comical..Hitting the wine bottle...*giggle*...
I'm not sure why at 85 she would be complaining about not having an exciting life...maybe she saw herself jet setting across the oceans on a geriatric cruise....or living in some glamorous retirement home. From what I hear, even with one foot in the grave, she's still out there dating rich old men and having them get stuff for her....LOL
Maybe she should have gotten one of those rich old men to clean up her debris for 85 she probably shouldn't be out raking up sticks....not with a pacemaker and her face swollen up like a wino's.

Well Aunt Doris....Here's to a long LONG life...and may you live many more I can continue to get these cards...I look forward to them every year :)

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