Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An inside tour...

I realized that I've never shown the whole inside of the new house....between moving in and construction...you know how it goes...always too messy..never organized the way it should be...I finally just came to the conclusion that its NEVER going to be good enough for Home & Garden...so I might as well just take some pics, mess and all and give you all a tour. So here goes...oh..and forgive the mess..I'm still moving in and we're STILL under construction...:-)

This is what you see standing at the front door...the door directly ahead of you is where our laundry room and master bedroom will be...the door just to the right of that is the door to the scary basement.

OK..what you need to know about the kitchen...when I painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced all of the hardware...well..the hinges are wrong..I couldn't get the kind they used originally...which were all hooked on the outside...so I made due...badly...IGNORE the cabinets LOL...when I replace them..Ill re post pictures.

Looking out from the sink.

To the left of the sink..where I make my coffee.

Standing in the dining room/area looking back through the kitchen to the mud room.

The living room...and temporary bedroom :-P

This is the front door..that we never use...its also the catch all for our clothes and the stuff we just don't have a place for until the laundry room and our bedroom are done.

See? That heaping basket of clothes isn't really laundry...it's the basket we're living out of because we don't have a closet or a dresser over here lol :-P

Standing at the front door looking toward the dining area...Ill be so happy when the cat boxes can vacate the living areas and go into the laundry room.

Hallway...kind of obvious eh? LOL

Formal living area...Oh..No..wait..this is the bathroom..sorry..I get those confused ;-P

I took pictures of the kids rooms...but...I can't post them...their rooms are too messy...my fault..Saturday's are clean your room days...and this Saturday was Halloween..so we kind of worked on it on Friday..but really didn't clean the way they should have.

Well..that's it..that's home. Nothing special...Nothing fancy...and certainly not organized :-P lol..but..we love it..and we love being able to work on it here and there...and improve as we go.


Kimberly said...

I like the floor plan. It's seems like it is very open. Can't wait to see pics of the finished master bedroom. It will be nice to have your own space. I totally understand what you're going through, because we were under construction for 2 years! Still have things that need to be finished, but we were so freaking happy when we finished our living room and and got to get all of our furniture squared away.

Now get back to work! LOL

Gayle said...

You shouldn't apologize for work in progress. In fact, you have inspired me to do some posting of my own. We've been remodelling off and on for the last six years without a whole lot of success. I feel it is time to tell the story behind it all as it is such a weight on my shoulders. Thank you for sharing. Your positive attitude made me realize I need to be thankful rather than ashamed of what I have. My livingroom may be in a garage, but at least it is mine! :) Good luck with those darn kitchen cabinets.

Anonymous said...

I think your house screams "fun!!" - and I don't think I've ever seen a tidy homeschooler's house anyway. ;) Your goldfish looks perfectly happy!