Saturday, October 24, 2009


The shearers just didn't take too long to cut the wool off of eight sheep and trim their hooves. Shearing is not a job I'd ever want to do...the professionals make it look so easy...but man-handling 100-150 lb. sheep can't be fun.
Here are some pics of the sheep...naked.

Letisha and Princess.


Sonny (he's soooo ashamed lol) Rita, Ruthie and Darlin'.

Ruthie saying "Scritch me..righ behind my ear"


Sonny..."I'm front of the girls...*sigh* I'm so ashamed"
Baa'rack, Princess and Letisha


The wool...L to R...Sonny, Darlin, Rita, Baa'rack, Ruthie, Ada, Princess, Letisha.


Anonymous said...

The name "Baa'rack" is just too funny...I am still cracking up every time I see it!

Poor naked Sonny; I dunno, I think they're all still really cute even without their wool. So what sorts of cool things will you make with the wool?

Gayle said...

I wish someone would have sheered Daisy for me. He butt is so gross...beyond belief, but the one kid I asked to sheer said she had to be bathed first. Normally, I cut her with scissors (takes 5 hours), but this summer it never happened. Now I have a sheep with nasty butt. What to do, what to do. Your flock is looking darling.