Monday, October 19, 2009

And the excitement continues...

When I woke up this morning I knew I was going to be a busy day...but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be as busy as it turned out. I knew I had to get the second paddock done before Saturday when the shearer gets here...but then I saw this:

and the tussle that ensued between Sonny and Baa'rack was not ending well for poor little Baa'rack...In fact I was pretty well sure that Sonny was going to kill him if they weren't separated. Soooooo I spent the day running wire....and not without incident. I ran out of wire on the last I had to piece stuff together. Then when I was getting ready to tighten the very last wire...I side swiped the cedar pole that the gate latches to and cracked it right at the base. *sigh*....I felt like my mom using 4" drywall screws and a piece of 2x6 to at least patch it until it could be replaced....I that point I was 4 hours into the project and almost done..I could have managed to get it secure...and the wires up...and even electrified (yes..I touched it to make sure..yea..that really made my day). Surprisingly the sheep were very easy to move...I'm hoping that they don't challenge the fence between tonight and tomorrow..I need to put some sort of visual barrier between them so the rams don't get jealous of each other.

Yea..look at that handy work...even? pft..who needs even! lol

Look at this woolly bear ...the wider the brown stripe is the milder the winter will be...Id be so happy if that were true...LOL
Awwwwww...they're so in love...think they'll make some pretty babies??

Vella playing with a nasty old ball she found in the field...yuck.

And the ducks finally came up from the pond...yes..thats a washing machine in my yard...I haven't moved it out with the rest of the appliances from this trashy..i know :-P

I think I'm going to go crawl into my jacuzzi tub and try and back hurts!


Gayle said...

Anyone who has a hot tub can have a washing machine in the yard. Don't you know the rules? lol

Wasn't expecting the screwing sheep photo. Quite amusing.

The ducks are cute.

Gayle said...

p/s I'm glad you are btb *back to blogging* as I think we are a lot alike and I enjoy reading your journal.

Anonymous said...

Stace, I am in TOTAL awe of you doing that wire by yourself!! I won't even do it with dh's help...granted, I think we need either a tractor or a 4WD truck first.

Please stop showing me your animals or I'll want to move in with you! Do you know how much I want sheep and ducks? ;)