Thursday, January 15, 2009


Fairiemom over at Homeschooling Mom Going Sane has tagged me with this meme; Six Random Facts.
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Six random things about me: Hmmmm..what haven't I posted on here...

1. The only bone I've broken (knock on wood) is my right pinky toe, and I've broken it more times than I can count...well, OK, maybe not THAT many times...but probably more than 10!

2. Although my medical records say I'm allergic to penicillin, the "newer" doctors aren't so sure. They say my symptoms when I took it as a baby weren't "allergic" enough, so they would like it if I tried taking it again in a controlled situation. Which leads to #3...

3. I haven't been to the Dr.s in at least 5 years....Last time I went was for a sinus infection. The times before that were a ganglion cyst on my wrist that the Dr. immediately scheduled surgery for..then I went home and did some research and found out that surgery was completely unnecessary and what I was already doing was the best approach...the time before that was to have them check my throat for strep, she swabbed it and gave me a script for an antibiotic even though the test wouldn't be back for a couple of days.."just in case". I never filled the script, and it wasn't strep.

4. I think I might have fibromyalgia...but since I don't go to the Dr's I guess Ill never know...

5. It's 375 degrees below zero here today. LOL..ok..-20..but it FEELS like -375!

6. I just started doing decimals and fractions with my children...and I wonder how it is that I was pushed through school, in the TOP math classes (in middle school at least) not knowing ANYTHING. My math skills are so poor that my kids correct me while I'm teaching them...which is good in some ways.. at least I know they understand and have good math skills...but it makes me look like a raving idiot.

I'm supposed to pass this onto 6 people...but instead I'm going to leave it open for anyone who wants to do it...I'm on my first cup of coffee..cut me some slack :-P


Gayle said...

I don't go to doctor's either...well, except to have babies, but I'm done with that. I'm sure my ignorance will kill me someday, but I hate talking about me to THEM! We just went from -45 to +35. Pretty cool, huh?! Enjoy your coffee.

Kimberly said...

" 5. It's 375 degrees below zero here today. LOL..ok..-20..but it FEELS like -375! "

We were at a River Ranger homeschool program this afternoon. It was 59ยบ and cloudy in central FL. My kids thought they were freezing! LOL They were wearing their fleece jackets and gloves. They were cupping their hands over their pink ears and were upset with themselves for forgetting their hats! They have no idea what cold is! I grew up in Ohio and walked to the bus stop in snow drifts as high as I was tall! They really have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Random things about you are always fun to read! I also, like you and Gayle, avoid going to the fact, my whole family does. Dh and the boys almost never go either. We went this summer to get their tetanus shots just coz they do outside things a lot and I was a bit worried. But before that, was about 4-5 yrs ago when ds#2 cut his chin open and had to have stitches (I never took him back to get the stitches out; I did it myself).

I hope you don't have fibro!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and p.s. genius me totally forgot about the award in your prev post, but I'm putting that on my weekend to-do list. ;)

Firefly mom said...

We rarely go to the doctor either - probably because when we do there's some kind of surgery involved! The kid is the only one who's been on a fairly regular basis - but that was to a pediatric neurologist, not a regular pediatrician.

I hope you don't have fibro. There's lots of info on the web that might help whatever symptoms you may have.

I'm allergic to penicillin, too. My problem is making sure they don't give me codeine. It makes me hallucinate but *apparently* that's only considered a minor side effect and not a bad reaction.