Sunday, January 18, 2009


The cat, not me.
It's been cold here, VERY cold here so consequently we've been burning our wood stove in the dining room and the little kerosene heater in the back room to try and stay warm. We've also put the heat lamp on up with at the chicken coop. The only one without any heat was Psycho who was out over the garage. She remedied that yesterday. When Mike went out into the garage to fill the kerosene heater..she ran inside and promptly made herself at home. She has been walking around like she owns the place, showing no fear. Most of the time she's been lounging under the table at our feet, rolling on the carpet, looking very proud of herself. I doubt she will be ousted anytime soon. The other cats fear her, the dog fears her, the children fear her and I do believe she relishes in the power of that fear.Look at her face. What is that look saying to you? It's saying to me "Go ahead, pick me up and head toward the door...."
Here is her stub..she wags it like a dog when she gets excited. Its really a strange sight, Vella and Psycho sitting there wagging their little stubs...

I guess I have another cat now, I hope the kids get over their fear. Last night Psycho slept on Lyli's bed and Lyli stayed scrunched up because she was afraid the cat was going to rip her toes off. Maybe I'll use that to my advantage..."Keep talking back to me and tonight Psycho will be sleeping on your bed!". Yes, its mean, but it could be effective :-P

Things I have learned since Psycho has come into the house:

1. NEVER try to pat her belly with your toes....I have several holes in my leg to remind me of this.
2. Cats CAN be Bi-polar.
3. Kids don't sleep well when in fear for their appendages.
4. Cats that have gone hungry don't like empty bowls.
5. My parakeets look like sirloin tips to a hungry cat.


Kimberly said...

We use to have a cat that looked just like Psycho. She was a coward though. Her name was Teal. I will scan a pick of her when I get a chance. Ours had a huge fluffy tale though.

Keep on making the kids cower from the cat!
Whatever works! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh I laugh, but only because I'm not in danger from Psycho...LOL!! You make the craziest things funny!

Gayle said...

A long time ago I had a cat that look just like that. I'm not kidding, well, except for the no-tail think. And that cat was psycho as in afraid of her own shadow. Crazy damn cat. Someday I'll unpack my photos and show you.

Jess said...

Psycho is a beautiful cat!

I do believe most cats are bi-polar.

Firefly mom said...

I love cats, but I truly believe that they all are a bit psychotic ;) That's too funny about everyone being afraid of her, though. I would milk it for all its worth!