Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The weather in Vermont...if you don't like it..wait five minutes.

It's true. Yesterday is was COLD..not the -10 like Monday, but defiantly cold, and snowy. This morning? Well...this morning it was 40degrees and raining. And now? Ah..the temperature has dropped 15 degrees and its snowing. Nothing like snow covered ice to make travelling interesting...not that ILL be travelling, but Mike has an hour and a half (on good roads) commute this evening...if he comes home at all. Here in Vermont, where you never really know what to expect with the weather or the roads, many people make sure they have sleeping stuff at work..just in case. Mike, on average, spends about 3 nights a month at work, most of those happening in the winter months. So, today I may or may not see my husband thanks to the weather, and although tomorrow looks to be fairly "normal"..just cloudy and in the twenties..Friday they are forecasting a Nor'easter. Oh joy of joys.
Well, at least I have Talluah-belle to keep the driveway clear...Even though the snow blower attachment is on back order until...March...they gave us a rear blade to plow with and I have to admit...driving down the driveway backwards scraping snow is fun. It's cold too, but I guess an enclosed, heated compartment would be a little too much to ask for :-P I'm also thankful for the bucket. Today I went out and proceeded to break apart the pile of wood that is sitting a an ice encased mass next to our driveway. Two trips later there was enough wood on my porch to heat my house for a couple of days. Well, once it thaws it will heat my house. But at least its not in a pile anymore!
So that's where I will be for the next few days...scraping the driveway free of snow..and bringing wood. I've gotten out my Russian rabbit fur hat, and my fingerless gloves..that have the flip-top mitten flap. I suppose I should find some real winter boots...I'm sure its quite a site to drive by and see a woman, flying backwards down the driveway bundled up in winter gear..but on her feet ridiculous red crocs. I love my crocs. And besides, in Vermont you never know what you're going to get for who knows..maybe I'll need crocs in the next 5 minutes! :-P I can wish, can't I ?


Gayle said...

Dude, I so have tractor envy. You're such a lucky girl! :) Stay dry...or warm...whatever the case may be this five minutes!

Firefly mom said...

See, I'd never survive anywhere that I was required to defrost wood just so I wouldn't freeze to death ;P

But I love the thought of you in a fur hat and crocs, driving a tractor backwards. Maybe you could have one of the kids take a pix.

Gayle said...

Passing on a tag if you are interested. If not, no big deal. :)

Anonymous said...

Stace, you are quite the backwoods woman! I bow down to you.

Ditto what Gayle said about tractor envy. In fact, I was here yesterday, and I was going to comment, but ended up drooling so much over your tractor that I forgot to! duh.

And, girl, I'm glad I'm not in Vermont! LOL!