Monday, December 8, 2008


What a day...what a week...Where did November go, by the way? One day it was here..the next day it's 16 shopping days left until Christmas?!?!?!?! I'm flabbergasted...bumfuddled *snicker* ...bewildered...stupefied, well, maybe not stupefied..I'm not even sure if that's a word, but the rest apply. I have a very laid back attitude toward Christmas this year, which is nice because I'm usually stressing to the max right about now. This year I'm just sitting back and getting stuff done at my own pace. I say this now, don't ask me how I'm doing the week prior to Christmas...I'm sure Ill be running around like a chicken with its head chopped off and grinding my teeth to rubble in the process. Oh the joys of TMJ.
I went to the dentist today, speaking of TMJ. There is nothing like trying to carry on a conversation about the pitfalls of the public school system while someone is scraping a very sharp metal hook under and around your gums. It was pure joy. And by joy I mean painful and bloody. I did get to hear a story about a school superintendent who is having the time of her life dropping into classrooms unannounced and canning teachers she deems unfit, the teachers union hates her but the city she's from (I don't remember where she said this woman is from..some city..I think she told me that information right around the time she decided I needed to rinse my shredded gums with ice water) loves her and the students are thriving. I think she needs to come here and start cleaning house.
I finally managed to go shopping today and get a few gifts. I have very little time left for shopping (I just need the small stuff) and I refuse to go shopping on a week end. It was bad enough in the stores this afternoon. MONDAY afternoon. I was grinding my teeth it was so bad...that explains the chip they found in my tooth I'm sure. ` *sigh* Anyway...the stockings are just about done now...I just have to finish all my sewing now. Easier said than done with cats in the house though, for some reason Salem has decided that he needs to gorge himself on thread from my sewing machine and in the last couple of weeks I've pulled YARDS of thread out of his throat. It was disgusting, very's one of those really really nasty things that happens..that you just HAVE to share with people because you don't want to feel alone in the nastiness. So I'm letting you know..pulling a yard of thread out of the throat and stomach of a cat is beyond words disgusting. I just had to share that with ya. Tis the season you know. Hm..since I'm out of thread (thanks Salem) I wonder if I could dig out the soiled stuff and use that to finish off the gifts...then I could say they were sewn with genuine Cat gut! :-P OK, that went over the line..ick.
I would really like to be able to share pics or even information about all the stuff I'm sewing here, but since some of the recipients actually read this blog...or at least SAY they read this blog, I cannot give away hints or pics...I like people to be surprised. I will try and remember to take some pics and post them AFTER the fact.
I WILL, however, share some pictures I took today up at Willoughby. It was COLD...very very COLD (stop laughing at me, Gayle, its cold for Vermont! :-P) here today, -10 this morning, its been pretty mild up until today, so the lake hasn't frozen yet. I had to drive up to the tractor store (LOL, did I really just say I drove to a tractor store?!?! My teenage self would be mortified) and the fog coming off the water was AMAZING! The trees surrounding the south beach were completely coated in ice and the fog in the middle of the lake was actually forming mini twisters...My kids were completely fascinated and the made me grab my camera and run back down and take some pictures for them. I really minded. Truly.
You cant really see the "twisters" well in the pics..but you can get an was very cool. Tryphon kept saying he felt like he was in the TIV (from stormchasers).

I couldn't believe there were ducks still on the lake...crazy ducks.
I have to thank Teresa over at Life, Homesteading, and Everything. She had a giveaway on her blog and I won (I WON...I WON..I NEVER win! ) a years subscription to Co-op American I'm so excited!!!! Thank you so much Teresa :-D
I also have to mention Firefly Mom's giveaway, she's giving away a $20 gift card to*PURRRRRRRRRRR* I love So hop over to her blog and comment...I promise you won't be disappointed...especially if you go and check out the cake she made her hubby for his birthday...It still sends me into spontaneous giggles.
Ok...I'm off to finish everything I need to finish: sewing, cooking, recovering thread from my cats esophagus. Oh the joys of country living. Did I mention we have a stray cat living in our garage? Well we do. She is a tortoise shell Manx, beautiful, just gorgeous. We call her psycho..she reminds me a little of the cat from Pet Cemetery. Yea..gotta love country living.....


Kimberly said...

Since your so cold, I guess you don't want to hear about the beautiful 60-70ยบ weather we are having here in FL! We are all still running around in shorts and flip flops! Maybe we will drive over to the beach for Christmas! LOL

Ready to come visit?

Firefly mom said...

If I have horrible nightmares about a cat spewing yards of thread - I'm coming for you! But not until the spring, 'cause it's too cold there now!

Congrats on winning Theresa's giveaway! And I have to say, I've never made anyone purr before ;D Good Lord - you haven't gotten into any thread, have you?!? *snicker*

Snowbird said...

Beautiful pictures. I miss the snow and cold--but only for about 10 seconds--if that long.

Love the story about your cat. Very descriptive. Yuck. LOL.

Hope you get all your Christmas stuff done and don't have to stress too much the closer it gets.

Love your blog by the way.

Gayle said...

Your photos are beautiful! We have ducks that stay here in the river year round. Times are changing...the river used to freeze solid, but now there are portions that stay open all winter. It just doesn't get as cold as it used to. As much as I like whine your -10 is worse than my have humidity and that makes it chill you to the bones. It is very, very dry here. Good luck with Christmas. I am also WAY behind and just don't care. For some reason I'm not getting worked up like I usually do. Just tired, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Dang, your photos are gorgeous, but they're making me coooold!

Stace, did the dentist give you uppers while you were there, because you seem to be talking really fast about really gross things. LOLOL!!

I loved Pet Sematary...scared the bejeezus out of me!

Stace said...

Kim-..................................why do you torture me so? :-P

FM- Yea..If I could pick a superhero would be purring :P (not really..but I would like to be able to purr). Don't worry..I covet thread so no worries about me eating it :D

Snowbird- I miss FL on days like today. Well..except that I got to go plow the driveway with the tractor..and although my teenage self was horrified, I had fun :-D

Gayle - Alaska is a dry cold? I had no idea...the humidity here is horrible..sticky in the summer and bone-freezing in the winter. Maybe Ill move up to Alaska where its warmer :-P

Teresa - hm..I was babbling on wasn't I? I think it was because after a week break my children and husband finally went back to Tae Kwon Do leaving me in my house ALONE. thats the only upper I need apparently :-P
Dammit..I knew I spelled it wrong..but I kept looking at Semetary spelled that way and couldnt just leave it..*sigh* I should have googled it :-P

Anonymous said...

I think in the story, the littlest kid spelled it, which is why it's so odd. I think next Halloween, I'm going to NetFlix that one and give my kids nightmares for years...hahaha!