Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday's Storm

Thursday night and Friday morning we had a pretty good storm here in New England. Parts of New Hampshire and Vermont were declared states of emergency and many people lost their power. Ice will do that to power lines. Much of the southern part of the states were coated in ice, being in a higher elevation, we in the north got more snow than rain so we fared a bit better...although our roads are still atrocious.
I spent much of the day on Friday cleaning out the driveway and cleaning my house for the weekly get together we have here with friends, so I didn't get to get out with my camera, but on Saturday when Mike came home from the store and said "Grab yourself a travel mug and get get dressed, you need to take your camera and go take some pictures...the way the sun is hitting the ice encrusted trees it looks like a sparkling world of crystal".
So half awake I stumbled into the car and drove very carefully down toward the lake and before my right pinky finger fell off from frostbite, I captured these:

Ice...its nasty to drive in..but it can be so beautiful. I'm so glad my husband kicked me out of the house :-)


Kimberly said...

With all of the nasty storms and hurricanes that we have here in FL during the fall, all of our power lines are in the ground. Our big problem is saturation!

Anonymous said...

Stace, those are really gorgeous!! Have you thought about selling your photos on Etsy?

Stace said...

Kimberly-I've often thought lines in the ground here would work..but I never thought of the wetness being an issue...I guess we just can't win:-P
Teresa- I've "thought" about it..but I always look at my stuff and see the things that could have been better and assume everyone else does as well...and who would pay money for something that could have been so much better. Yes, I have issues :-P LOL

Gayle said...

Ice is beautiful and dangerous. Drive safely!

Firefly mom said...

Those are wonderful photos! As bad as the roads are here, at least we're not having ice storms. And we still have power, so that's a plus ;)

Jess said...

Those are beautiful pictures!