Thursday, December 18, 2008

The good, the bad and the annoying..

The good? On Saturday I got to spend just about the whole day with my oldest. We went shopping and picked up a few last minute things, then we went out to dinner and to go see Twilight. The shopping and dinner and spending time together was awesome. I wasn't impressed with the movie, Aysha hasn't read the books yet so she liked it, she said it had a very "Indy" feel to it and she picked up a lot of what was unsaid by their body language. I was very disappointed, it jumped around, things happened when they shouldn't have and there were things in there that never happened in the book. I know, i shouldn't have expected to like it, i hardly ever like movies that are based on books Ive already read. Someday I'll give up hoping.
The Bad? I got pulled over on the way home. No, I wasn't speeding, I had a headlight out. Funny thing is, I knew I was going to get pulled over...all the way from Whitefield (where Aysha lives) to Littleton (only 10 miles) I kept going over in my head where my license was and my registration..and having the conversation in my head with the fictional police officer. I have to say, getting pulled over nowadays is pretty strange...back in the day (the last time I got pulled over was in 1988 I the police officer would stroll on up to your window, lean over and talk with you..a little intimidating, yea...but polite, and not creepy. Today its downright creepy. They sidle up to your window, flashlight blinding you, and they stay right in your blind spot. Yes, I realize it's because cops get killed...but really...I'm harmless. Its funny though, I immediately got kind of freaked out..i mean..he was over my left shoulder, I couldn't see any of his information, badge..nothing..and although I knew he was the real deal and nothing bad was going to happen, I can see why so many people become frightened when they get pulled over...its weird.
The Annoying? Pft..where oh were do I start LOL. Christmas cookies. U.G.H!!!! My kitchen is entirely too small for such a project. I let each kid pick out two recipes to make Christmas baskets with. Do you know how many cookies that is?!?!! What in the hell was I thinking!?!?!?!?! My house may never be clean again.
Ice. Yes, its beautiful, but my driveway looks like a skating rink..or it DID rather..because now there is a layer of snow on top of it. Mike went out yesterday to go to work and fell 4 times getting to his car..which is maybe 25 feet from the front door. Not fun.
My strange allergy to..well..I don't know what. I spontaneously break out in hives, two days ago my ring finger started itching and swelling and it happened so fast I didn't have time to get my ring off (the only expensive piece of jewelry I own and the one I waited YEARS for). And of course because I'm an Aries and I'm a little OCD, I kept trying to twist it and force it which , of course, made my finger swell even MORE. I have worn that ring for two years non stop and I never thought of it...but the moment I wasn't able to get it off my finger it became my obsession. No, it wasn't uncomfortable, all the swelling was above it so it was still movable..i just couldn't get it up my finger. I finally got it off today...I'll leave it off for a while I think, just in case. Because my right boob just turned red and I need THOSE to swell anymore *rolls eyes*. I swear I'm going to be living onPrilosec and Zyrtec.
My sons strange aversion to clothes. Hes been forgoing shirts for the past few days, preferring to wear just his jacket outside. I swear if I get pulled over with that child in my car they're going to put me away for socks, no least I got rid of the sandals that he didn't want to stop wearing, that would have been an interesting conversation: "yes officer, I realize it's December and -10 outside..but he refused to put on his boots". Mmmhm..Yea..I'm positive that would go over well.
I'll end with a few more good things: My son thanked me for giving money to the local food shelf today...and we proceeded to have a good conversation about how we could help the communities and little miss self absorbed reiterated how she wants to go volunteer at a soup kitchen. *smile* Those kinds of things make all the annoyances this time of year pretty much meaningless.
And if I don't post beforehand...Happy Winter Solstice :-D


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you got pulled over? Did you get a warning or a ticket. I don't drive enough to get pulled over (and I've had my license since 1980).

You were a little nuts to let all your kids pick 2 cookies to make. Me, I don't give my kids any choices. That's coz I'm mean and you're nice. ;)

I hope you find out what your allergy is! I have allergies right now too, but it's breathing problems and not swelling. and snow. I hate ice, I barely like snow.

Happy Winter Solstice to you too (that's what we celebrate)!

Kimberly said...

Same thing as Teresa - ticket or warning?

Your house sounds like mine!


Stace said...

Just a warning...I guess all those years of being a good motorist (translates into: not getting caught) paid off :-P I also try to be really respectful..i knew some cops and that was something they taught me...most of the tickets they issued were to people who weren't I made sure I was on my best behavior :-P

Kimberly said...

A kid or two in the car doesn't hurt either!

Firefly mom said...

I'm glad that it was only a warning!

Hmm, does your boob usually swell the same time you get hives? (now *there's* a sentence that I never thought I'd type!) I'm just wondering if the two allergies go together.

I'd love to see some pix of your solstice celebration. Any chance of a post??