Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cackle fruit, the Chateau , cemetary hopping and painting with pepto bismol

I'm tired and I'm so sick of sewing. I think the pirate garb (I refuse to call something I've worked this hard on a "costume") is done...the big stuff anyway..I'm sure I still have some clasps or buttons to hand-sew, but that I can handle. Here are the great coats:

This one is mine...its brocade and I thought that a pain to work with because it slides all over the place, until I tried putting Mike's together...his is made of upholstery material. I have a great respect for people who work with this made me a little crazy...shhh to those of you who know that I'm a little crazy anyway...I can blame it on the material if I want...:-P

Ill show you put together costumes later...I'll probably take my camera to the party and post pics of that next week.

The Chateau is nearly done! All that is left is nest boxes and roosts and filling in a few gaps near the roof and the chickens can move in ! Just in time too...because I found two eggs today in the current coop! Yay!

They're really small..first eggs usually are...I can't wait for fresh eggs. Nothing in the world like them.
We got Lyli moved into her room last week..she picked out the's called "Party Cake". This is my theory behind the paint name...someone went to a party..ate a lot of really sick..spent the night drinking pepto, went to work the next morning, saw the paint color and said "I think Party Cake is a perfect name for that paint!" . I think it really happened. Really.
The pink curtains really help...because the room NEEDED a pink light cast upon the walls..
My Dad's marker came in last week, so Saturday my Mom called and told me that the guy doing the digging had time to put him in the ground (his ashes) on Sunday so we went over there on Sunday morning and put him in the ground with my Sister. Then afterwards we went cemetery hopping so I could take pictures of various relatives graves to go with the family genealogy. I had a good time hanging with my Mom...It was a little creepy though, All of my Aunts and Uncles have their plots and headstones ready. So seeing their names on stones while walking through was a little strange.

That's what I've been up to, now I'm off to finish putting things together for Saturday.


Teresa R said...

Stace, your description of the room paint is so, so hilarious!!!

I still can't believe that's a chicken coop. I think Emerson lived in a cabin smaller than that while he wrote Walden. ;>

And your costumes...OMG, woman!!! You can SEW. I'm humbled in your presence.

Kimberly said...

What did your dad do in Vietnam? My dad was there in 67 and 68 with the Army Corp of Engineers.

Love the coats! I haven't told my kids what I am doing for Halloween yet! It's really going to freak them out! LOL I have a red mohawk bald cap that I am going to wear with a Harley shirt. Fake tattoo's and the whole bit! I am going to lock myself away and sneak outside so that I can knock on the front door and mess with them!!!!! A mom has to have some fun, don't ya think?

Stace said...

Teresa..thank you..after all the sewing I've done it's nice to hear that someone thinks I'm competent :-P
And yes...I think that the chickens had better be grateful for their digs...:-P

Kimberly, My Dad wasn't technically IN Vietnam..they stationed him in Germany for a couple of years...but because he served during Vietnam they put it on the stone...He probably would have preferred "Travelled Europe and drank a lot of beer" :-P lol.
I love the Halloween costumeLOL I would love to be a fly on your wall :-P

Gayle said...

Wow! There are college kids living in cabins worse off than that chicken coop. Can I come be a chicken at your house?! You are a talented seamstress. I so used to do that same kind of stuff when I just had three...I only do slight repairs now with six. Hopefully, I'll sew again...

Gayle said...

Well, since you're just laying around the house (NOT!)....Tag, You're It!