Monday, October 27, 2008


Edited: this is the only picture of my costume that managed to be taken that night. Yes, now you all can call me "Big Mouth"

Saturday was such a fun time! Even the weather (hard rain and a driving wind) couldn't dampen our spirits! We had gaming tables set up, and replica continental script to "gamble" with. The "story" was that Capt. Jack Groin's ship went down with all hands, and his treasure...THE treasure of all times was that night they were to come together and the pirate with the most script at the end of the night won the key to the treasure.
We had set up a chuck o' luck board..which is a dice game where you have 6 squares on a put your money on the number you think will come up and the dealer rolls the dice..the numbers that come up with double what they put down. pretty simple..and fun. We also had another table set up with dice and cards that was run by the players..and a bowl of bumboo...that if they could take a shot I'd give them a dollar. A few of the women figured out that a well placed kiss on the cheek of a couple of the hosts (there were 4 of us hosting) would earn them money as well. A few times through the night I would yell out a phrase or a word related to pirates or piratery and would pay the person who told me what it meant. So there were several ways to make money. In the end Dylan won with over $100..most of it stolen typical pirate style lol. Here are some pics:
Captain Tetreault and his "companion" Treasure. Yes, she got extra points for money for bringing her "Treasure Chest". :-P

The winner...The Pirate Eustace and his Saucy (and sticky-finger'd )wench..she stole the treasure key when no one was looking...Sharon.

Gaming, gaming..and more gaming.

Talking and ARGHHHHHHHHHHH'ing. There was a LOT of ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH'ing. You could definitely tell it was a pirate party...we got pretty LOUD...and just a little...vulgar :-P

Even the spirits were enjoying's an orb sniffing the Pirate Tetreault's feet!

The Pirates Tomasi...the wench pilfered me hat!
Check out that coat and vest...whoever sewed that costume is uber! :-P


Anonymous said...

A whole lotta pirates having a drunkedly good time, eh? ;D Heeey, where's a pic of you in your costume??

Gayle said...

Looks like everyone went all out with the costumes. Such fun! Yes, photos of you in costume would be appropriate! :)

Tress said...

Masterful sewing, indeed!

Looks like a great time was had. And hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back soon!

Firefly mom said...

OMG! That looks like so much fun! You may live in the sticks, but you sure know how to party ;D