Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tryphons NASCAR Day Out...By Tryphon Davis

My name is Tryphon and yesterday I went to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I got to see my favorite driver, Jeff Gordon. This picture of him is a little blurry because he was soooo fast and I didn't have sport mode on.

Then I started to take pictures of other Michael Waltrip, Scott Riggs, Joey Lagano, Dale Earnhart JR and Tony Stewart.

Then I decided to take a picture of the spotters..which are people that stand on top of the building and radio to their driver and tell them what is going on around the race track.

I thought whenever I watched the races on T.V. from the NH track, that the cars went slow going into the corners..but I was wrong..they were fast..and very very loud! So loud I had to wear ear muffs! After practice it started raining and I took some pictures of some of the banners and hoped it would stop so we could watch the Hellavagood pole day fall 125 camping world series east race. We left the race track for a little bit to go to KFC but it started down pouring and we decided to go home..when we got to Franconia Notch the road was dry and it looked like it hadn't rained at all! By the time we got home it was down pouring and I showed my mom some of the pictures and I played with my new Michael Waltrip 55 car...I have a race car collection. I currently have 34.
I had a good time and had good food and it was an awesome day..but I still wish I had gotten to watch the race, which I found out is today and I missed it :-(. But there is always next year!


Anonymous said...

Tryphon, sorry you missed the actual race. You took some great photos and did an excellent blog post though!

Tell your mom I said HI! :)

Snowbird said...

You may have missed the race but look at what you did get to see. I would love to see the drivers and the cars like you did. Loved the pictures.