Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It's been a busy week! It finally stopped raining and we were able to get out and work in earnest above the house in the area we want the sheep to go. I'm amazed every time we cut down a tree at how much bigger they are when they're horizontal on the ground and all that wood needs to be either cut and stacked for winter, or cut and dragged and burned as brush. It's times like these (when I'm so very tired of dragging brush) that I wish I had a few more kids :-P No..not really.

This is the base for the sheep shed/chicken coop...we've built it up quite a bit.

This is looking down the hill toward the filled in area..where Zep is is just about where the chicken coop will be.

this is looking UP the hill...we've started sticking big pine logs on the downhill side of the same area, to use as a sort of retaining wall. This method was employed by the Romans when building roads through swamps.

The burn pile...

I can see the progress and it makes me happy...I can't wait until the sun gets in there and grass starts to grow. So I decided to share some pics with all of you, because I'm nice like that...and also because this winter, when we are buried up to our necks in snow and freezing our hineys off, looking at the progress of this summer and knowing that the wood that I swore at for days on end because I hated stacking it is what is keeping that hiney warm, will make me all warm and fuzzy inside and give me something to look forward to...there is something very therapeutic about getting your hands dirty and working your land. I need all the therapy I can get after this too..because every time I see the phrase "plant a tree" I begin to twitch.
Oh! I almost forgot! We bought a little garden tractor on Saturday..its very has a backhoe and a bucket and a snow blower attachment. We had it for less than an hour..and this is where it ended up...on it's side over a bank.

The tractor (and my husband) are fine, and we learned a valuable lesson about the wheel base of this smaller model vs. the wheel base of the bigger models (My Father in law owns a big tractor that we usually in my wonderful husbands defense he's used to the bigger more stable tractor)..of course now I'm all paranoid every time I drive it that it's going to roll over...great thing considering all of my land is on a hill :-P


Gayle said...

It looks like very thick trees and a lot of work. It does feel good when you have a finished product, though. So glad no one was hurt in the tractor mishap. I bet he's lovin' you for posting that! :)

Teresa R said...

OMG - I'm so glad your dh (and the tractor) are all right!

Boy, you really have been working way hard. Dh doen't usually let me stack wood because I don't do it the way he likes.

I can't wait to see your new sheep shed/chicken coop!

Kimberly said...

I am so excited for you to get your chickens. We use to have about 40 at a time when I was a kid. We would get them right around Easter each year and slaughter them around Halloween. All winter, it was, chicken soup, fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken and rice, chicken, chicken, chicken . . .

I am glad to hear hubby is Ok after rolling the tractor. That's scary! I would be super paranoid driving it too!

Firefly mom said...

You guys have been busy little beavers, haven't you? I remember having to go cut wood with my husbands family - when I was 5 months pregnant. Boy was that fun! (sarcasm button now off ;)

I'm glad you hubby is OK! My question is: How are you going to keep your kids off of it? My son would want to ride it ALL the time!

Stace said...

Gayle- yes, he's loving me...I haven't heard him refer to me with that particular name for quite some time *sigh*...such a romantic that one :-P
Teresa- Me too! I will be so happy when the coop gets started...right now the design is sitting in Dh's head being mulled over and tweaked...Once the first bit gets put down or hammered together though I know the rest will happen really quickly..its just getting him to lay down the first bit...
Kimberly- I love having chickens...and I'm always amazed at how many eggs we get from them and how but/tick free our land stays when we have them! My mom has a horrible problem with ticks where she lives..I keep trying to get her to get some chickens, I know they'll take care of the tick problem! Im sure her bear would just love it if she had them though..."hm..what am I in the mood for today..the dumpster or the chicken coop".
Fire-fly mom- Yea cutting wood is one of my "favorite" things to do..right up there with snaking/plunging plugged toilets and cleaning up spilled maple syrup on the bottom of my fridge (this might not seem like a big deal..but losing a whole 1/2 gallon down the back wall of your fridge and not noticing for a week...just not all...ick)..I especially love pine trees...because Im oh so fond of all the pitch that i have to scrub off of my hands..and arms..and legs and hair...I hate trees. I swear to you arbor day will NOT be celebrated in my house...this year has just pushed me over the edge.
as far as the kids and the tractor go..they keep asking..and I will probably allow them to drive it..slowly..on the front lawn..where its flat...and i can ride with them without fear of them rolling a tractor over on me...(probably on a day I make them write ... they just hate writing)