Friday, August 22, 2008

Fair time!

The fair in our town (or the town where we go grocery shopping and to the know..where everything is) started two days ago. Yesterday was their "Active duty members and their immediate family get in free" day. We love things that are free, so we packed up our kids, and headed to the fair!
Let me start out by saying even though its a county fair, its not big. It's small. Tiny. And everyone and their mother..and their mother..and their Aunt Mable..goes to the fair. And many of them camp there. So there are always tons of people and you're always related to half of them (well, in our case its usually my husband that is related them) so it's a day packed full of fair food, carnival rides and games and family. I love fair time :-)
My kids favorite fair food:
LONG DOGS! lol Tryphon gobbled down TWO of these...crazy boy.

This one needs a hair cut so bad he's growing antlers! :-P

Mmmm..nothing like processed meat and cheese to make ones intestines hum with least I think that's a happy hum....I'll let ya know..

After they ate they decided to tackle the rock wall that the National Guard brought. They were both afraid at first, but I'm happy to say they tried it anyway and really liked it! Zephryn especially. He went up and down, up and down, up and down. I think the soldiers were happy to see us go :-P Lyli really wanted to do it too..but you had to weigh 50lbs to be able to get down...basically the cable would allow you to go up...but when you tried to get down you'd just dangle there...Where I thought it might be a little amusing, she didn't (Oh come on...someone would have gone up and gotten her...eventually). So she was a little bummed.

The boys were FINALLY tall enough to ride on the Himilaya..again..Lyli wasn't and she was bummed..again. Look at those faces...Tryphon is the pensive one. I can tell, he's really thinking about it "Maybe I shouldn't be doing this...especially after eating that hot dog...". Zephryn in the spaz..he's not thinking at all. He's kind of like Animal on the Muppet's...all impulse..and hair. Check out their faces NOW though:

Yeah, I know its blurry, but they were going a kazillion MPH around that thing...I don't think Tryphon looks pensive you? And look! I can see Zephryns face!! He really does have a forehead! They had a blast...they got off and Zephryn immediately got onto another one..that he thought was the "sizzler"..Aka the "scrambler" (that's what it was called when I was a kid anyway)..but it wasn't, it was the "orbiter" and it was much scarier. At some point during the ride he started screaming "Help, let me off of this thing"..and they didn't, but he survived anyway, and when he got off he established the rule that you must watch a ride before you get on it, so their are no more mix ups. lol.

They finally did get on the Sizzler. you could have fit 6 more kids in that seat! Good thing Lyli only weighs 45 lbs (they weighed her at the rock wall) or Zephryn might have been squashed beyond repair!

They got to play a couple of games too...Zephryn won a little stuffed Rottweiler dog at the end of the night..his name is Spot.

I love the animals at the fair. This fair doesn't really have any sanctioned shows so the smaller livestock that I like (sheep, goats, pigs) are far and few in between...mostly just 4H projects or they have them in the petting barn. I really want to get back to Freyburg fair over in Maine...its big (well..I'm from Vermont, so I suppose I should say it SEEMS big to me :-P)and they have lots of animals and rides and animals..hehehe. They even have a fireman's muster which is really fun to watch. Maybe someday..its usually the first week in October...maybe Mike can get the time off this year...or next. I'm happy with just hitting this fair and we're headed over to Lancaster fair in NH on Labor Day...that should be fun too. That is the fair I grew up attending and I haven't been since I moved over here...It will be nice to go back and see MY relatives at the fair LOL :-P

This is a Bison (Thank you Teresa, you're right, he's not a Buffalo..his name is Buffy, which is what I was thinking when I wrote it...I really need to stop blogging before I drink my coffee...:P) that is sucking on Tryphons pants...After he peed and licked it up...I think I might have to burn those pants. Tryph doesn't seem bothered though. This buffalo is a bottle baby and at his home he sleeps every night with a Pomeranian. Hm..a buffalo with a pom's attitude......
Zephryn with the goats. He really liked them, spent a lot of time trying to feed them. There were a plethora of baby goats there this year and they were so so so cute and Zephryn was completely taken by them.
Hehehehe..check out their mouths...the sheep is chewing..and so is Lyli.
Ahhh..after a long day of fair food and excitement it was nice to come home to our comfy hay pile, um, I mean bed, and sleep it all off...until Labor Day! I'll catch up with you then fried dough!


Anonymous said...

Yours is a pretty big fair compared to the one in the county next to us: about 3 little rides and pretty much just animals and 4H exhibits. But that's ok. We like to go for the animals mainly.

Ok, sorry, I have to add a correction: that cute furry thang, it's probably a bison. Buffalos are Asiatic. The things North Americans called "buffalo" (as in - "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...") are actually bison. On a related note, "antelopes" (as in - "...where the deer and the antelopes play...") aren't actualy antelope, but pronghorns. True antelopes are from Africa.

I apologize for the biology lesson. ;)

I want that sandwich you had!

Holly said...

Looks like fun. I would have liked to have seen the motocross...I'm sure that was pretty cool.
We might take Aiden next year.

Kimberly said...

I sure do miss going to the big county fairs where I grew up in Ohio. They just aren't the same here in Florida. Thanks for the pics.

Firefly mom said...

Oh my gosh, the kids look like they're having a blast! And that has to be the biggest hot dog I've ever seen! If Cody sees those, he's going to want to go to the fair *just* for one of those!

Have you guys started school yet?