Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! WAS's supposed to be coming back...again

Ahhhh..finally...a sunny day! Yesterday it didn't rain ONCE! This is a huge deal because for the last, oh, I don't know,'s rained every day. That impacts our lives in several ways, not being able to mow our lawn is one, albeit a small one, but having a hay field looming outside my front door has had me twitching. And I'm not talking about the good kind of twitching, I'm talking about that irritating know, the one that takes over the corner of your eye and stays there..twitching at the most inopportune times.

So yesterday...we hayed..I mean Mowed. Our old mower died so we had to purchase a new mower which, I thought, would be better I figured it would be able to handle the knee high green carpet easier than our old (really really old), tired mower. kept stalling out but at least it re-started fairly easily and cut the much. grass.

Have I mentioned that I'm allergic to grass? The medicine I've been taking makes me so so soooo tired, I stopped taking it which makes me much more "with it" and much less tired (although now I'm not sleeping well at night, but that's another story), but that also means that with that much grass being cut I was an itchy, coughing, sneezing mess. I was so with my red swollen skin, watery eyes and hoarse voice...I'll try and pretend that's not why Captain Wonderful stayed up until 2:30 on the far away from me as he could possibly get. I swear I'm not contagious! geesh! (I'll also try and pretend that it bothers me to have the whole bed to myself :-P )
Meanwhile, while the haying of the field was going on, my children were holding their own Olympic games..fencing. I'm not completely sure, but I'd say by the pictures that Lyli won the gold...GIRL POWER!!

Looks like they included a hay stack hurdle competition too...Go T!

Today we are headed over to my moms house where they will compete in the swimming portion of their Olympic games (any excuse to get in her pool :-P ). The "who can irritate my sibling the most" competition is ongoing...Although I think Lyli might get the gold in that too judging from how I got woken up this morning. *twitch*


Anonymous said...

Boy, you've really gotten into the spirit of the Olympics! You've won gold at the Wheezing & Sneezing & Itching category! LOL!

Luckily, it looks like your kids aren't allergic. :) What little grass we have to cut (but that still amounts to probably an acre or two) still gets out of hand. Dh had to buy a Toro professional stand-behind mower. I have to say it tackles most heights wonderfully. Still, we lust after a tractor when things get really bad (i.e., tall!).

Hope you guys will have fun at your mom's today, and hope you'll feel tons better soon (boy, aren't we the Antihistamine Queens?)!

Gayle said...

I also have a hay field and it is making me nuts. I've actually started looking away when I walk out of the house so I don't see it and feel guilty. We've had 3 or 4 weeks of rain..I don't really know..and I can't mow. Mowing is my job. My husband has asthma and grass is a really bad one for him. I only mow while he is at work. The kids don't mow because they don't care to do a good job. You have to use the weed-whacker for an hour around all those cool (stupid) rock garden beds. And then mow another two hours around them being careful not to knock the rocks loose. It really is a pain, and I'm the only one who does it so I feel like the huge failure when I look out and see six inch high grass! (I have a shiny red Toro, too, and love it. I'm a girl who likes power tools!). I think I will mow tomorrow between rain showers without the bagger (which will KILL me to do) and then rake. I can't take it anymore...if I don't hurry it will be under snow!

Firefly mom said...

Ack! My comment didn't show up! Now I have to try and remember what I wrote! Ugh, too much stress for this blonde brain ;P

I thought *our* lawn was tall! It's proably a good thing that it's not, since we have a push reel mower!

And speaking of Olympic fencing - the bronze medal winner, Becca Ward, is a homeschool graduate from Oregon ;D