Friday, August 8, 2008


I got tagged with a Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card from Gayle over at The White House. I've been reading her blog for some time now, usually during my morning coffee, and her and I have a lot in common. Beyond having a gaggle (is that really a word?? LOL) of children (OK..maybe not a gaggle..but when they're all coming at you saying..screaming.."MOMMY" over and over and over again because they're about to tattle on really seems like a gaggle), we both enjoy our gardens and enjoy learning how not to kill our plants (Mine are starting to rot at the stalks because of the rain..and my tomatoes are splitting because of too much moisture...I feel like putting little umbrellas up there to keep the rain off them..considering its not supposed to stop raining for a week), we both have chickens....and name them :-P. She has sheep and goats...I'm so jealous! Gayle is funny and real. Drinking my coffee..reading her blog, looking at her awesome starts my day and I'm glad I found her blog (Or did she find mine?? I'm so losing it ;-P). the rules are:

1. You have to tag 5 people.
2. 4 of the 5 have to be dedicated followers to your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and must live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whomever gave you the award

1. Firefly over at Pack of Hungry Snails. This is another blog I read with my coffee. I'm constantly amazed at how much they do...the places they go...She has homeschooled her son for years and every time I feel overwhelmed by our decision to homeschool I just pony up to her blog and she makes it look easy. She's hilarious and more than once I've LOL'd while reading her blog. She also brings me back...waaaay back..with her 80's trivia...the hair do one had me simultaneously laughing and crying...crying because I had most of those styles..and it scared much :-P So thank you Firefly...for your homeschooling inspiration, 80's education and for your cake decoration tips that will forever be etched in my memory. :-P

2. Teresa over at Life, Homesteading, and Everything. She does just about everything; gardening, she makes soap, she's got chickens....and she's the only person I know that ever wanted to be an astrophysicist. I get tongue tied just trying to say it. I love reading her blog, its full of positive posts and great pictures of foods I've never heard of (I live in can't just walk into the neighborhood grocery store and see an octopus :-P) also has glimpses of her artwork...this woman has done a little bit of everything..shes an artist, but she's also very analytical.. I have no idea where she'd fall on a right brain/left brain test :-P At any rate, I'm glad I found her blog, I read every day and am determined that someday I will make my own soap! I've been inspired..that strawberry parfait soap looked good enough to eat! :-D

3. Kim at Kimbolees Korner I just recently just started reading her blog, but it has quick become one of my favorites :-) She is smart, funny and has great taste in home furnishings! I look forward to reading her blog every day and seeing if there are any new pics up...there are some amazing pics on this blog too :-)

4. Holly over at House in the Woods . This is my sister in law and I check on her blog daily to see if there are any new pics of my nephew on there ;-) I also love seeing what is new up on the hill...and whats cooking :-P They're always up to something up there..whether it's four wheeling in the winter or hiking in the summer..and there is even some baking thrown in (that blueberry pie she just made looks too good...). Her blog keeps me connected and I like that :-)

5. um..I can't think of anyone out of country that reads my blog on a regular basis..I have people stop by but no one that comes back *sniffs armpits*..maybe I should invest in better deodorant? I read Granola's page daily...because she has a son that needs to be on the gluten free casein free soy free diet because of food sensitivities...something I'm researching for my own son who has sensory issues. Her blog is really informative..this woman is an expert on foods and supplements, and I always learn something new when I visit :-D

So there you have took me 4 cups of coffee but it was worth it :-D Thank you Gayle I had a lot of fun and it means a lot that you took the time to tag me *sniffle* *hands you a cup of coffee* :-D


Anonymous said...

I'm so flattered by your description of me! I was reading it and going "huh? Who is this amazing Teresa's she's talking about?

How can people possibly not come back regularly to catch your stalking-cow and armpit sniffing comments?? ;D It's much cheaper to paying to see a stand-up comic!

I'm really glad I found you through Firefly-Mom!

Anonymous said...

Oops, amazing "Teresa's" and her lack of proof reading skills....
and I did mean "cheaper THAN paying" as opposed to "cheaper TO paying". I blame it on the Benadryl!

Firefly mom said...

Awww, shucks *blushing* - you're so sweet :D I'm glad SOMEBODY thinks I'm a with-it homeschooler. Most of my days are spent wondering: what-the-heck-am-I-doing?? Oops, maybe I shouldn't have given that away ;P