Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7. 13 things that went through my mind when the woman from the bank called and said she was coming today to take pictures

That's quite the title, eh? Let me explain this a little better, recently we applied for a home equity loan. We had a tree growing into our septic that needed to be taken down and the septic needs to be dug up and the leach field pipes replaced. Not fun. Not cheap.
So last week Mike went in and talked to the bank about what we needed to do and what approach/loan would be best for us. They decided on a home equity loan and Mike was assured there should be no problem at all because we have Uber-Awesome credit. The paper work was done and sent in and we were told that she would call the following week and let us know what was happening. Mike had to take a one day trip to Virginia (to go hang out with the marines on their base at Quantico) on Monday. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the bank. They wanted to come out on Thursday morning (today) to take a couple of pictures. One outside and one inside. Just to make sure the condition of our house hasn't changed since the last assessment...or perhaps I should say to make sure the condition of our house hasn't gotten any WORSE since the last assessment.
Let me also add here that we are leaving tomorrow for a weekend reenactment I still have packing and sewing to do. In fact Tryphon still doesn't have pants....AND Mikes brother called earlier that day to set up a time Wednesday (yesterday) to come and cut down the monster tree that is ruining our septic.
That leads us to today's TT...13 things that went through my mind when she called:

1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. "The front of the house needs to be painted"

3 " I need to mow and trim"

4. " many hiding spots can I utilize to get rid of some of this clutter"

5. "How am I supposed to pack and clean and fix what needs to be fixed in ONE DAY??"

6. "I think I'll just curl up and cry now.."

7. "why can't they tell you this kind of stuff when you're filling out the paperwork?? I mean, even if it had been mentioned in passing I would have been kind of prepared..."

8. " Maybe this will get Mike's butt in gear to finish all the 1/2 done projects he's got going around this house...oye"

9. "How can he finish all the 1/2 projects if he's out cutting down a tree?????"

10. "ACK! I'm supposed to drop my van off on Wednesday to the tow package put on!"

11. "someone just kill me now..there are NOT enough hours in a day to get this stuff done!"

12. "What ever happened to our spray painter?? Painting the front of the house HAS to be done...I don't understand why every other outside surface is vinyl siding EXCEPT the front..the one everyone sees..."

13. "OK..its only ONE inside picture and ONE outside picture...I've watched enough TLC to be able to stage this house in time...I hope..."

In the house is pretty spotless and we managed to get the trim in the dining room back was primed but not painted ..fortunately the primer is white and the paint is a creme its not TOO noticeable. And my husband is a superhero. It was 100,000 degrees outside yesterday and he cut down that tree, and cleaned it up then he painted the front of the house AND he mowed the front yard! What a guy. So here I sit...waiting. She said she'd be here at 9. its now 9:24 and she's still not here. I'm sure she's lost. I wish she'd hurry...because I need to get out my sewing machine and finish up a few things, I need to start getting camping things together, AND I still need to go to the store and get food for my locusts. Then I get to leave the exploding drawers and closets to my 17 year old...I'll probably come home to find here buried in my clutter..poor girl...

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Carol said...

Bless your heart. I hope your freak-out moment has passed and all goes well with your loan.

Allison Says said...

Haha! I haven't had that exact experience, but I definitely understand what you were going through!

I hope it went well!

Happy TT :)

Firefly mom said...

Wow, your hubby *is* good! At least you got a little notice. Our inspector showed up with *no* notice! I wasn't even done getting ready when the doorbell rang :D

Have fun this weekend!

Angie said...

I hope that it all went well with the inspector.
Don't you just hate those last minute visits though... It always happens when your already burning the candle at both ends.
Enjoy your trip!

Tink said...

Wow, you did a lot! Hope everything turns out okay. Have fun on your trip! Reenactment is fun; I've got some friends doing it regularly.
Thanks for visiting my Belgium TT.

blackbelt_oma said...

Just wanted to let you know that I used to have this imaginary cafe I was going to call "Grace's Place."

Thank your 38 yo thanks for serving our country.

Kat said...

Oh, wow! What an amazing hubby. And I am sure that you did an amazing amount of work inside...and didn't toot your own horn.

Holly said...

Hope you guys had a great trip and everything worked out with your loan.
As usual lately, I haven't been on blogs for over a week now, so I had a lot of catching up to do. Great pics of the flowers.
You sure do take amazing photos! You've got quite a natural talent!