Monday, June 30, 2008

A few things blossoming in my yard...

Just a few things in my yard that have begun to actually stopped raining long enough for me to go outside today and take a few pictures and let the black flies feast on my flesh.
This is the clematis vine that our friends Nicky and Terrance gave us last year in exchange for taking some pictures for them. It has about 6 huge blooms on it right now.

This is my comfrey. Not only is it medicinal, its pretty. I love the little bell flowers.

My iris's are blooming. I love the butter yellow and the lavender color together.

This is my candy stripe rose. I don't know if thats really what its called but thats what I call it. :-P Very pretty...and it smells so so good :-)

And my honeysuckle. Its growing right outside my window and I absolutely love the way it looks.
There are a few more flowering things out there right now...but they're buried in the thigh-high grass that I haven't weeded out of any of the beds yet. Hey..its been raining! :P lol


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous...what a happy splash of color! I can't seem to get the "macro" feature on my camera to work and I'm forever taking blurry close-up photos. (and you've made me appreciate our comfrey plant a little bit more!)

Kat said...

So, so pretty! I love taking pictures of all the things blooming in my yard. Your honeysuckle is such a pretty color. Ours is either white or yellow flowers...I've never seen that peachy color before.

Tink *~*~* said...

Your candy strip rose is stunning - thanks for sharing it!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Firefly mom said...

All of your flowers are beautiful! We don't have anything blooming at the moment! The people we bought the house from had very few flowers of any kind (there are a few shrubs and groundcovers that bloom). They were really big on a "green only" landscape theme. We're trying to slowly change it so that there's some actual color out there, but it's been slow going with everything else we've been doing around here.

blackbelt_oma said...

You are a FAB fotografer!