Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Baaaacccck!

Hubbarton weekend was a success, as far as the kids go anyway. We left around 1 on Friday and because we had to stop and feed the kids and then get a few things at the store on the way we didn't end up getting to camp until 6. The kids did great on the drive...of course it helps that the van has a Dvd player in it and about 1/2 way we stuck in Back to the Future and let them just sit back and veg (They were watching Back to the Future when we went though Woodstock...which is where Michael J. Fox lives with his family...so we had to pause the movie and tell them that which they thought was just too cool for words :-P)
We got there, set up (we didn't have any straw for my straw mattress though so we had to pile a bunch of blankets and things on my rope bed so the ropes wouldn't bite into our flesh quite as much) and within 5 minutes of getting there and unpacking all of the kids were off running with other kids. I was amazed at how quickly they made friends. Once the sun set the fireworks started. Hubbarton was up on top of a hill, so we walked to the summit and watched 3 different towns set off their fireworks. It was beautiful and the kids were sooooo happy. They were a little upset that they wouldn't be able to see any because we were going to be camping, so this was a huge surprise for them.
The next day was packed full of activities for kids. The museum had a history scavenger hunt and if you could complete it you got a wooden coin engraved with the date of the battle of Hubbarton. Tryphon spent hours finding all the answers and by the time he was done knew more about the surrounding area and the battle than me. At some point in the afternoon the kids decided that they needed to raise money so they could go and get more stuff at the sutler's tent (a sutler is a person who sells stuff..its like a store in a tent) so they decided to put on a play. Tryphon was the director, Zephryn was the hero and Lyli was the queen. I'm not really sure about the other kids parts as I was laid out in my tent suffering from the effects of an allergy pill (I'm allergic to grass and we were camped in the middle of a field with tents with no floors), but I sent mike with my camera and he came back with these pictures:

Tryphon in the director's chair.

The play begins...see the "queen" on her throne with her body guards? :P

The "hero"!

Battle to the death!

That was pretty much the plot...the hero barges in and starts slashing everyone with swords, a body guard comes in and raises his rifle to kill him and shoots the queen instead...in act two she comes alive and battles Lexi to the death..and for some reason every time the hero gets killed he pops back up and starts slaughtering everyone again...In the end they made $11 and each ended up getting 1.50 to spend at the sutlers. I'll now share with you a story that is guaranteed to make you cringe and feel pity for me when Lyli reaches puberty...the Sutler shared this story with us.
All of the kids loved this one sutler tent..it had lots of little toys and baubles for kids, so when they each got their share of their play earnings they all went there. Lexi (the other little girl that was there this past weekend) wanted to buy a recorder..they were $5 each but the man told her "I have this broken one over here and if you can make it whistle and still want it ill sell it to you for a dollar." she blows it and it whistles and she says she wants to buy it...Lyli perks up "Can I have one too?" "No, I can't be selling everyone a recorder for a dollar, I'm sorry" "awwwwwwww" she whines. Then she turns, puts her hands on her hips, looks straight at Lexi and says "Then I should get that whistle, because I'm the Queen!!!!!" I nearly died. I think I did die a little. She's only 7...can you even imagine her at 14??? Someone save me.... and guess who ended up with the recorder? Yeah...the queen. I'm so tired of listening to "Mary had a little lamb"...lol

Mike had a good time, he did 4 tacticals I think...and came back sweaty and dirty after every one. He also got promoted to Corporal in his unit which I guess is a big deal.

All and all it was a beautiful weekend, the kids we rarely saw, there was no worrying about who might take them or panic because I hadn't seen them in 10 minutes. I just wish I could find an allergy medicine that didn't make me narcoleptic. And Zephryn is covered in a rash..raised flesh colored bumps all over his trunk and face and arms...Not sure what that is from..but hopefully the benedryl will take care of it in time for our 15 hour one way trip to Nova Scotia in a couple of weeks.

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Gayle said...

That is some outting. It's so great your kids use their imaginations like that and it isn't even for "school"! :) The allergy thing stinks...doesn't seem fair after all the work you did to get ready for this.