Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3...Thirteen things I hate about dial-up.

With all the rain we've had in the last week and all the issues that brings to my dial up connection...I'm dedicating this TT to dial up in northern VT and all the reasons I despise it. Cheery I know :-P

1. It's so slow. Graphic intensive pages take me 12 days to download...if they load at all. Many times I have to go back and right click and "show picture" for every individual picture. what a pain.

2. If it rains here it makes the phone lines crackle. Which means if I can connect at all, it's at a ridiculously slow 28.8Kbps.

3. I'm tethered to the wall with my Laptop and can only go online near a phone jack.

4. (this one is for my husband ) All the good games take a high speed connection to function properly..or for you to at least stand a chance against other players..especially when most of those players are playing on a normal, quick connection.

5. The fact that people who live 3 miles away from me can get DSL makes me hate my dial up even more. Will they EVER bring cable out this way????? ugh!

6. If this house had been built on the other side of this ridge and in sight of Burke Mountain, I would be able to get a wireless connection. Ok..maybe this has more to do with not liking where I live..but I'm throwing it in there anyway :-P

7. I can't use the phone and the Internet at the same time (well, technically I can if I'm the only one online, but I had to get another phone line to do it).

8. If I'm on the Internet and someone calls kicks me out of the page I'm in and offline. Not fun if you're in the middle of paying bills and don't know if you got kicked off before the payment went through or not...

9. I can only comment/visit a small number of blogs because it takes so long for each of them to load..and I want to visit them all! I feel like I'm missing out on so many great blogs and people..its frustrating!

10. Downloading projects for the kids homeschooling takes forever..and we all know how patient kids can be.

11. I have 4 children..4 computers...and 2 phone lines...

12. There are many pages out there that I simply cannot visit at all unless I drive down street and sit in the armory parking lot and use their high speed connection. Yea that doesn't look sketchy at all.

13. Dial up promotes housework. When I try and visit a graphic intensive page and have to wait 12 days for it to download..I have nothing else to do but clean my house while I'm waiting..because I can't open more windows and visit other locks up my computer and things flash and alarms go off if I do...So I get to sweep and mop and do dishes and *shudder* laundry. SO NOT FAIR!

so all of you with high speed connections...feel grateful. You are envied. Excuse me while I try to post this..I'll be doing the dishes while I wait for it to be
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forgetfulone said...

You can set the connection up not to interrupt the line when you're connected to the Internet. Your ISP should be able to tell you how. I remember we put 2 #'s and a # for a pauce before the phone number part in our Internet options. That way we didn't get kicked off. You can also eliminate call waiting so it won't do that.

Do they have satelite in your area? Dial up is so frustrating. I feel your pain.

Lori said...

Vermont. Mhhm. We almost lived there. We have family there. I feel for you.

We couldn't get DSL up until a year ago and I remember how frustrating it was, so thanks for the reminder to be thankful for my DSL. And my sattelite. Cause we have no cable connection either.

Thirteen Things I Hate About...could be a great start to another TT. I may have to steal that. All the best ideas are stolen. :-D

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I had dial up for years and remember your pain, I will say my house was more or;ganized and clean back then though.
High speed is the way to go and now with packages available via cable or phone companies, it might be worth the investment.
Happy TT!
My 35th Edition
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Always @ The Cafe.

Firefly mom said...

I feel your pain! We've had internet for about 12 years, and only got DSL a year ago when we bought this house. Hubby was tired of hearing me spew verbage that would make a truck driver blush every time I tried to download something over about 2 pages in length!

On a side note, I do feel very honored that my blog is one of the few that warrant a long (chore inducing) download :D

TLC said...

Oh honey! I feel for you. When we first moved here we were 500 ft. too far for DSL from the phone company. So we called another provider (Speakeasy) and they were great! Call Speakeasy, or check their website and they might be able to provide. The reason the phone company couldn't had to do with how many days of service they had to guarantee...blah blah. But you might be able to get it. Look into it.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy T13!

Renee said...

I feel for you. Dial up a pain in the rear! I don't think I could ever back to it again.

Holly said...

You know what is so funny? While I was waiting for your page to load on my slow ass dial up, I was totally cursing it out and thinking to myself how bad it is, especially when it rains, like today...LOL, then your post came up. TOO funny!
I've meant to check out this TT thing, I'd like to do it...I've just got to find the time-I set aside almost 2 hours for blogging due to the dial up speed...

Anonymous said...

Dial-up sure sucks, but we're discovering that satellite internet is nearly as bad. it's totally fussy - it winks out on cloudy days, rainy days, windy days, or totally gorgeous sunny days for absolutely NO reason. DSL would be the way to go if you can get it. They don't offer it to us out in the boonies (boonies my butt; we're a 20 minute drive from downtown!).