Friday, June 6, 2008

Meowy Maids?

I have cats. I think I've mentioned that a time or two. Cats are interesting creatures in that they either want nothing to do with you, and will let you know in no uncertain terms that they want nothing to do with you...ever. Or, they are attached to you like Velcro. I seem to have the Velcro thing going on lately.

I've come to accept that when I go to bed at night there will be at least 4 cats in my bedroom. Two sleep at my feet, I'll have at least one next to me..sometimes two...or one on the floor where the dogs sleep. They will stay in there until mike comes in ..then two leave..quickly, and he prys Salem off the foot of my bed and throws him out. No wonder Salem hisses at him :-P What I'm not used to is the "help" I've been receiving lately from my furry companions when I try and clean.

The other day I was making my bed. I had this help:

Yeah Salem, jump up there and clean yourself on my CLEAN sheets...*sigh*

There was a lot of movement under that sheet when I put it on there...

Then this:

I think he ate Salem! psycho-billy kitty cat! :-P

It doesn't stop at the making of beds...noooo..When I clean the bathroom I have a entourage too.

Um..boys? Please don't drink the mop water...geesh. I had less issues with my kids when they were young!

And when I'm done? No, they don't go find a secluded place to sleep off all their "work"...

One to my left

One in front of me...
and there were two to my right..but because they're lounging on the floor I haven't been able to they don't get to have their pictures taken..maybe they should stop lounging and start sweeping...lazy cats. :-P (yes..I know I should take my own advice..I'm going, I'm going!)

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love cats! I've had a few in my life, but ds#1 is really allergic to them, so we can't have them currently. Oddly, we had a cat up to when he was 6 months old, and according to research, he'd be primed for not having much for research. :}

Your kitties are so adorable!

Ok, so about farm collies - here are some links for you to peruse.

1) - this is the one we checked out extensively before getting one. Some have wonderful stories.

2) - this is the site of the woman we bought our dog from. There's a photo on the bottom of the page of her son with a couple of dogs. Rooster is the sire of our dog.

3) - I never could get the difference between farm collies and English Shepherds. I think that all Eng Sheps are farm collies, but not all farm collies are Eng Sheps. Anyway, it's still a nice site to peruse.

They're not cheap...I think when we were looking into getting one, they ranged from about $150 to $400. But they are wonderful dogs. Ours was raised with sheep, chickens, cats, and kids until we got her at 8 weeks, so she gets along with all of the above very well.