Tuesday, June 3, 2008

chickens and worms...

We went and picked up our chicks on Sunday. They feathered out and got bigger quicker than I remembered! So Saturday was all about us refurbishing the old chicken coop to serve as a brooder until they're ready to be out from under the light..hopefully by then we'll have a "real" coop for them to roost in.

Of course the kids have been all over them, asking me every 10 minutes "Can we go check on the chicks now?". As long as it isn't too cold or windy I've let them, I'd like the chickens to be friendly and used to being handled and around us. So far it seems to be working, there are a couple in particular that will walk right up to you let you pick them up.

Look at those feathers..I love the way Light Brahmas look.

This is FES (Foreign Exchange Student...Audrey's kids named him..Better than what I would have named him...I would have called him Gobbles..after the Turkey in South Park...cruel, I know) He/she is the exotic chick they sent to us. I don't think FES is very pretty. I think FES is a little scary looking actually. *shudder*..this is what FES will look like when he grows up:

People are going to stop and take pictures..and laugh. Oh yes..they will laugh. Poor FES. At least my kids are saying FES is the ruler of the chickens...maybe that will give him the self esteem to hold his pom pom head high!

In other news, my worms have taken off and procreated like no ones business (I'm glad I'm losing my hearing, the thought of waking up at night and hearing the eerie sounds of a worm orgy coming up from my basement might be more than I could handle). To think just a few months ago I thought I had killed the entire bin!

Look at that vermicompost...just the sight of it makes me want to purr like a cat...its just so pretty.

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Firefly mom said...

I can't help but think that the picture of what FES will look like when he grows up is strikingly similar to what *I* look like in the morning.