Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whats in my garden...

Thirteen Things I planted in my garden this year

1. Tomatoes!!! I don't know why but I can grow tomatoes like nobody's business here. In fact, I have tomatoes growing wild in my yard and various flower beds on my property. I'm serious, its crazy. It's a good think we like tomatoes!

2. Peppers, green and banana. Mike loves making sliced/canned banana peppers for sandwiches and we both just LOVE peppers to cook with. I hope we have better luck this year with the bell's...the last couple of years the peppers didn't do well at all, I hope that the MooDoo we added to the soil and the worm tea we've been using helps.

2. Eggplant. OK, I'm sure it wont grow, this is northern VT and its too cold for eggplant..and watermelon and cantaloupe..but I'm going to try! :P

3. Broccoli...We all LOVE broccoli. We've had pretty good luck with it in past years, I'm hoping we follow that trend again this year.

4. Cabbage! mmmmm...cabbage...boiled with corned beef...mmmm...*drool*..

5. Lettuce. Lots of lettuce. I'll be begging people to take it by the middle of July. I always am. LOL

6. Peas. I have not had good luck with peas. They seem to hate me for some reason. I moved them this year..and whispered sweet nothings to them while i was planting them...maybe it will make a difference?

7. Summer squash..yet another veggie I have growing wild on my property. I don't know why I continue to plant it :-P

8. Winter squash...acorn and butter nut. I love squash. Looooooovvvvveee it!

9. Pumpkins for eating. We found a great recipe where you hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with various things like potatoes, carrots, bacon, sausage anything really..then you put maple syrup and some butter on top and cook it. Its sooooooooooooooooo good, especially cooked over an open fire while camping. mmmmmmm

10. Pole beans! These are for making baked beans....We actually grew these a few years ago and dried the beans we got and finally got a bed to plant them in this year. A WHOLE bed...We're going to have a lot of beans. I'm kinda scared about feeding my family beans......

11. Zucchini. Why do I always torture myself with this veggie? How many things can you make from zucchini?? There are whole cookbooks dedicated to this squash. I usually just steam them and eat them..or make relish. I did make a cake once that was really good...I'll have to go looking for that recipe again...

12. Brussel sprouts. Mike's..not mine. He snuck them into the flat while I wasn't looking. Booger that he is.

13. Cucumbers. Well, technically they're not IN the garden...they're in pots on my porch along with the birdhouse gourds...because cucumbers hate me more than peas. In the 9 years I've lived here I've gotten 3 cucumbers from plants. The longest was about the size of my thumb. I have no idea what I do wrong but I'm hoping the pots will help.

So that's my list..my very first Thursday thirteen list :-) Thanks for reading :-D

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danica said...

yum! I totally identify with this; I have just planted three tomato plants (one with tiny currant-sized tomatoes! or at least that is what it promises) and squash and EGGPLANT of all things, in my yard... killed the peas (all 18 plants, through neglect) but have high hopes for the new peach tree which has three peaches on it even at its tender age!

welcome to thursday thirteen! i guess i'd better get working on this week's; it'll be my sixth!

nanny said...

Would love to visit you when your garden is mature/ha Love Veggies