Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garden re-construction and...who in the heck is Butch?!?

Memorial Day weekend is the weekend to get your gardens in in Vermont. Well, northern New England really. So this weekend we took advantage of the awesome weather and got to work. This year we dug up two raised beds to make room for a garden shed that's been sitting un assembled for...well...way too long, removed an overgrown tansy patch and built two new beds in its place (well, one and a half so far, we couldn't build it and get it in completely until the tractor work was done). We also expanded our hillside "in ground" bed and plan on tilling up a square for root veggies like beets, carrots and rutabagas. Yesterday Mike's brother came down and moved a bunch of dirt for us, leveled out the area that the shed is going to go, moved our ginormous pool for us so it was out of the way and helped to cut down a couple of dead trees (Thank you Eric! :-) ). Its all starting to come together.

After dragging a bunch of brush through the woods to brush piles, I saw this:

What is that? looks like a smooth stone of some sort..wait..what is that on it..?

Are those...letters?!?!

Oh for the love of Pete! WHO is Butch???? I think I'll clean out around it and maybe plant some little flowers. Someone must have really loved their dog (Oh god please let it be a dog...) to have a stone engraved for him.


Firefly mom said...

OK, I started out reading your post and being so envious of all of the room you have for a garden. We live on a less than 1/4 acre, and though we've put in several raised beds, I now find I have "garden envy"!

Then I got to the bottom of the post and ROFL about Butch. I'm with you, I hope it's a dog! At least I don't have my own Butch here...or do I, somewhere in an unmarked grave?? Hmm, maybe I'll stick with *raised* beds :D

Stace said...

hehehe..i prefer the marker to the "bone excavation" that went on out back near the little brook that runs though my least with the marker you can sit back and make educated guesses and in the end just go with what youre most comfortable with...with bone have hard evidence...there is NO getting around that ;-P.

Firefly mom said...

Dare I ask what was excavated?? I know one family that uses, um, "finds" such as yours as learning opportunities. I'm not sure I'm *that* good of a homeschooling mom!

Stace said...

Well..the first thing thta was excavated was a leg bone (small animal) then a pointy tooth..then a jaw..then.....a leather dog collar...It was after that I put a stop to the digging. We lose alot of dogs on this property apparently! :P

Gayle said...

Wow! You got a lot down...very exciting isn't it? I have so much to do in my yard as well, but it is cold and rainy and I just can't bring myself to go outside.