Saturday, May 24, 2008

Poodle-do demon from Hell Or I said I'm CRANKY!!!!

Its been one of those days. You know what I'm talking about, one of those days that you wonder why you even bothered to get out of bed. I probably should have just stayed under the covers and hidden away for the day, not to save myself mind you, but to save my poor husband...its a Cranky day...cranky with a capitol C.

I can't really pin point the cause, I'm sure some of it is hormonal (Damn that PMS fairy!), OK..A LOT of it is hormonal...I said it..stop looking at me like that!!! *grumble*. Some of it has to do with my Baby graduating in a week *tears welling up in eyes* Can 18 years really be gone?? I remember holding her in my arms for the first time like it was yesterday..and proclaiming how much she looked like my Great Aunt Pearl...It was the gumless pucker OK? Stop looking at me like that I said! grrr. And the rest of it is just fun old fashioned stress. Did I mention my Baby ran her car (that We bought her) into a tree? yup, she did (Shes fine..just a little pride sore so to speak). Did I mention the stress? Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose?? stop looking at me! *cries*

So here I am, Cranky and driving my Baby to her work...because she's car less. And lo and behold I get behind a brand new 10 day plated Jeep Patriot going 35 in a 50. Now I'm cranky AND impatient. I hear myself uttering things like "Will you Puhleeze just step on the pedal on the right???" "C'mon Grandma, this is getting ridiculous" "*frustrated scream* Just pull over already!". Normally I'm pretty patient with slow drivers and many times I don't mind being forced to slow down, it gives me time to take in the scenery and talk to whomever I have in the car with me. Today, though, I wanted none of it. I just wanted her to hurry up so I could get Aysha (my Baby *sniffle) to her work on time. And besides, I was cranky, and she was overly sensitive, not a good combo to be locked into a car together *shudder*. Of course, seeing as how she was going 35 in a 50, there were a few places that I thought she might be speeding up so i sped up, and she promptly put on her brakes and made hand motions in the car. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was doing, then I saw a little white pom pom sitting low in the passenger seat..ok.maybe that was another little old woman and she was having a lively conversation with her (Or it was a really well behaved poodle, at that point I wasn't sure)because she certainly couldn't be making hand gestures at ME. It was then I remembered something that happened to my mother and I when Aysha was little, we were driving back home from a neighboring town and got stuck behind, yup, a little old woman going 35 in a 55. We followed her for MILES. every time we tried to pass her she would speed up and start shaking her fist at us. Talk about needing anger management. When we finally did pass her..this little old grandma and her friend started beeping the horn and giving us the finger. Yes, the finger. Three wrinkled, liver-spotted fists balled up and pointed right at us. I have to tell you, I was truly scared...Little geriatric demons.

But this couldn't be the same scenario. This was a new Jeep and she was just getting used to it I'm sure..and besides, I'm cranky, and I KNOW I'm cranky so I'm probably just making the situation worse than it is. So I finally get to a point where I can pass this turtle, and I pull out and accelerate and all of a sudden from the passenger side I hear "*gasp* that Little old lady just gave us the finger!". *shakes head and sighs* Did I mention I shouldn't have gotten out of bed? You know its a bad day when OLD LADIES start directing obscenities at you. Hey! I said stop looking at me! I'm CRANKY!

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