Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today was absolutely beautiful and spring-like. We've lost most of our snow already and on my trip to the orthodontist this morning I saw huge swaths of grass. Its a nice reminder that spring will eventually get here. No, I'm well aware that this is just a tease and in a week or perhaps less, the cold air from Canada will swoop back down and give me cause to dig out my wool socks, but for now, I'm enjoying being teased.
On my trip back from the orthodontist it rained a bit and the wind began to pick up, I thought nothing of it until water started pouring onto my steering wheel and into my lap. by the time I got back home though, I had only enough time to pick up my daughter and run 20 miles in the other direction to bring her to her appointment. When she got out of the car and shut the door I saw my windshield jump. I knew it wasn't going to be good, and I was right. Somehow my windshield lost its seal and became unglued. I could push on the inside and pop it right out if I desired....which i DIDN'T. I drove the 20 miles back to Sutton and stopped by my mechanics, at this point I'm thinking maybe they can just glue it back in...LOL I'm so naive. He looks at it..looks at me and says "you really shouldn't be driving that, your windshield could pop right out while you re driving, or you could hit a bump and break it right in half". Perfect. So he calls his windshield guy and he'll be up to fix it tomorrow. Luckily my daughters new car is here and I can use it to transport the kids to school. But I'm looking on the bright side of things, I had awesome weather to vacuum out my car (It smelled like kids live in it..oh wait! kids DO live in it :-P ) and get everything cleaned out of it. Now I'm just hoping they can take the windshield out in one piece tomorrow and glue it back in...a new windshield is going to cost $ re-glue the old will cost 1/2 of that. Oh the joys of owning a car :-P I'd get a horse...but it would probably choke on a carrot or lose a hoof...I seem to have that kind of luck with transportation :-P lol

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Holly said...

Hey Stace!
I didn't realize you had a blog until I clicked on your name from the comment you left for me. Very nice. I like the way it's set up.
This stinks about your windshield, I hope it's easy fix.
Have a great day!