Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, more like sleet and rain day...but I have all my kids home nonetheless. I just spent 3 hours hauling out their rooms, re organizing (omg I hate Lego's and anything with small small pieces), sweeping and mopping. It was warm enough to open the windows and enjoy the warm air too. It absolutely amazes me how much paper my kids go through. I need a solution for that. At one point they all had white boards and I think I may go back to that as Zephryn apparently draws all night long in bed :-P. I want to encourage the artist...but I'd really like to kill less trees.

I've decided to dedicate one wall in each of their rooms to shelving, then I can get bins for things to go into and I can just slide the bins onto the shelves. It will also be nice for the plethora of books my children have amassed over the years...again..i want to encourage the reader...but tripping over books is getting pretty old.

The absolute biggest issue they have is clothes. I'm always amazed at how many they have considering how often I hear "I don't have anything to wear!" . So now, they're up in their clean rooms, hoeing out their drawers and making piles of things they wear and things they don't so we can scale back some. I need to work on getting their closet usable (right now a keyboard is sitting in front of they boys closet door so Tryphon can learn to play, he's already learned Joy to the World or at least the beginning of it by heart) so they can have their clothes in the closet area only. The space in their rooms is so small a dresser takes up a good chunk of it, and that closet runs the entire length of both rooms...great for storing boxes ... not great for clothes or shoes or anything you want to get at easily.

Once the "loft" that is adjacent to their room is finished it will be much easier to keep the spaces organized. All the bigger toys (the 5ft barbie house, the Rubbermaid containers of Playmobile and Heroscape and the train table) can go out there along with some book shelves and maybe some bean bag chairs. There will be a small closet for their craft things and a small table to draw on as well. Its a small area but with the extra space in their bedrooms it should give them plenty of room to get away from each other if they need to. I hope. I really really hope. :-P
Here they are...doing their clothes..they boys are piling all the things they DO wear on the floor while leaving things they don't wear in the drawers..and Lyli had to put on her Bratz make-up before tackling her's I guess :-P lol oh well, at least its getting done :-)

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