Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prepping for the Frankenstorm

I'm not even going to try and come up with an excuse as to why I haven't blogged since July.  I'm lazy.
Today should have been spent prepping for hurricane Sandy.  There is much to be picked up, tucked away, brought in and battened down.  Last year when Irene came up the coast we implemented the same pick up routine and it worked well...but Irene is a much different storm than Sandy.  Sandy is all about wind, which Irene lacked.  I totally expect to be without power and phone for a few days, and I'm hoping the temps stay above freezing...because we bought the only house in northern VT WITHOUT any back up heat.  Oh, sweet bun baker oven, I will have you one day, I promise!  Any was only successful in getting grain and moving a pig.  I baked homemade hot pockets, but I'll have to remake some as they children seem to eat them as quickly as I bake them.  They are a convenience food that they can eat cold so I don't have to worry about figuring out how to cook (although we do have a camping stove) while the power is out.  Tomorrow is going to have to be the day that EVERYTHING gets accomplished.  The list is long.  Wish us luck. 

Now...our summer in pictures:

 Fifty three chickens in a freezer....we're still eating chicken..but it's OH so good!
 We raised and sold most of our lambs, and some of our adult ewes. 
 The pigs keep having piglets, and they keep selling out.  We got to taste some sausage made from one of our very own home grown spotted babies and WOW! If you have the chance to go in on a farm grown pig, DO IT!  The meat is incredible!
 We raised and sold most of our meat rabbits as well.  Yes, we eat rabbit.  Yes, it's really good. 
 My borage grew and attracted all sorts of bees....
Which produced a ton of veggies. 
 Nailes disappeared :(   But we ended up fnding these two guys 15 minutes down the road.  They had been abandoned and were wormy and malnourished. 
 Theyre much better now...and have been hunting up a storm...when they're not sleeping under my chin. 
 I built a shoe rack out of a pallet because I was SO tired of tripping on shoes.  It works great..when people remember to pick their stuff up :/
 Needles, the remaining Kittay...LOVES the new kittens. 
 The fleece is growing! Shearing next Saturday!

We have 6 piglets leaving the farm next weekend as well.  These guys are rather rotund for some reason..Oh..maybe because they're PIGS! LOL

Thats about it.  The summer flew by, I miss the sun....although I do enjoy having the house to myself during the week.  I'm amazed at how clean it stays.

Ill check in again after the hurricane/frankenstorm/tropical snowstorm is done having its way with us. 


Teresa Robeson said...

Who knew a Kittay would have a gentle side?? The photo of Needles hugging the new kitties totally made me go "awwwwwwww!"

If we lived in your area, we'd be buying piglets from you. Well...we still need to get our butts going on buying more electric fencing or putting up some hog panels first.

I didn't know you can cross dalmations with pigs...hahaha!

But seriously, be safe!!! I hope you won't lose power...or won't lose it for long if you do. Sending good, warm thoughts your way!

Chai Chai said...

Did you clean and de-feather all those chickens yourself?

Love the pigs, do you have to have electric fences for them?

Won't the sheep be too cold if you shear them this late in the year? My girls have full coats but I'm afraid they will freeze here in the Winter.

We want one of those baking ovens too, really BAD! It is bookmarked on my computer.

Stacy Davis said...

Teresa ~ I Know...Im shocked that Kittay has taken it up on himself to help raise the kittens...I thought he'd eat them :P

Chai Chai ~ The chickens were a family event...Mike killed and scalded, Lyli threw them in the plucker, I carried them to the table, beheaded and befooted them, my mother eviscerated, Z bagged them and stuck them in the freezer.
The pigs are in electric in the woods.
As long as the sheep have someplace to get under shelter, late fall shearing is fine...I always worry and they're always fine...although I won't be shearing the rams this fall...I worry they will lose condition withall that pre breeding pacing they do. :)

Svenja said...

HI Stacy,

glad you are back :-)

Hope you and all your animals are well!!

I have nominated you for a blog award over at my place


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