Monday, April 23, 2012

One more ewe to go

Only one more ewe to go before lambing is done for this year. I've been anxiously watching and waiting and today she's looking pink and swollen so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In the mean time, I'll leave you with some cutesy lamb pics....

Ada's BIG ram
One of Darlin's ewes
Both of Darlin's ewes..
Darlin's ewes again
Ellerby's rams
Rita's girl
Rita's boy...isn't he CUTE??
Rita's lambs
Ruthie's black girl
Ruthie's ewes
Ruthie's ewes
Annushka and her ewe (I don't have a pic of her ram lamb yet)


TeresaR said...

You are an evil woman (just like your sheep and KIttay! Hah!) to tempt me with those cuuuuute photos of your lambs. Not only do we need fencing, but almost more importantly we need a barn. Waaaah. I want sheep NOW!

Chai Chai said...

That Rita sure did good work this year! Who was the dad?

Gayle said...

You have quite a house full. I'm not sure I could keep them all straight!!

Stacy Davis said...

Chai~ the father is a solid black ram. Apparently both of them carry moorit AND spotting. I never thought I'd get spotted lambs.

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Ankoku_Sisters said...

THey are soooo sooo cute!Now I want a little lamb as a pet :333 You have really pretty blog ^^

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