Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another fair come and gone.

And I'm EXHAUSTED. It may take me a full year to recover. It will DEFINITELY take a full year for my feet to recover. Note to self: Buy better shoes.
The kid did their 4H stuff today. They had to work inside the 4H building from 9-3 and at noon the did the cavalcade. They were trying to be "extreme" sport people..because the theme for the fair was "Take it to the limit".

This is their table area in the building..see the scarecrow they made? pretty awesome looking I think...he's a snowboarder.
My mom helping Zephryn tie balloons....I wasn't because I have a strange phobia of balloons...that started, oddly enough, at a fair. I was 2 (yes..I have very early memories) and got a red mickey mouse balloon at the fair. I was in the car and it popped right in my face...scared the crap out of me. I cant stand balloons near my face at all anymore..and the popping makes me jump.
there are 4 spaces for gardens behind the building we're in...the 4H groups are asked to do a garden every year...they plant it in spring and tend it all summer.
This year a 4H group agreed to do a garden and about a month ago the fair director showed up and nothing but weeds was we were asked to take it over and do "what we could" with it. They decided on cover crops. It looks great.
My mom and I walked around today and ended up watching the Gymkhana for quite awhile. I'd never seen one and it was pretty entertaining.
BIG Holsteins. 2000Lbs a piece. I'm scared.
Weeeeeee little mini cute :P

They had sheep dog trials on the infield. Vella is SUCH a slacker. :P
I'm exhausted (so much so, I've started AND Ended this post saying that). I hurt all over...but I got to eat kettle corn and fried dough so it's all good. Now we're getting ready to ride out Irene...but don't awesome Mommy brought us a small generator so our basement won't flood :) Yay!


TeresaR said...

Wow, you sound like my twin: fear of balloons, love kettle corn and fried dough...

Your kids did an amazing job on the scarecrow! And kudos to them for a great job over all on their fair projects!

Chai Chai said...

Are you avoiding the flooding?

Gayle said...

Yay for awesome mommies who gift generators 'cause thinking about you going into the creepy flooded basement scares me.

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