Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden Post

This has not been a good year for gardening. Well, it started out not being a good year for gardening. The weather in the last couple of weeks has been amazing gardening weather, hot days, soaking rains in the evening...I may get to can something this year after all!
Although the Major has decided that we are going to compost-pile-garden only from now on...check out the volunteer zucchini plant that came up this year.
And the volunteer tomato bush...there are two of these actually in two different parts of the compost pile. They're twice the size of the tomatoes we planted in the "real" garden.

This is what our potatoes looked like a week ago...this is the first year we've tried potatoes and we really thought we messed them up.

These are the potatoes as of last night....I guess we didn't mess them up too badly!

A view of our garden area....really hoping that next year we can pull it together and get a good harvest..this year with the weather being what it was we just couldn't get stuff into the ground on time and the plants the Major started got leggy and now they're really behind...although they seem to be coming back and even though the tomato plants are short, they are very deep green and healthy looking. Lets hope we have a long enough summer so they can produce.

We have these popping up all through the garden area too...presents from Spork and Spam whom were wintered here to help till up the garden soil. Lots of squash-family plants...I think this one might be a pumpkin.

All in all its been a pretty good end of June, beginning of July. The weather has been hot but not too bad...and the plants look happy. How is your garden growing?


Gayle said...

My vegetables are coming along now especially in the greenhouse, but my flowers suck. It took me too long to transplant them so they are stunted. We are 6-8 weeks away from freezing so they don't stand much of a chance. Oh, well. Every year can't be a good one. I hope you summer holds out so everything has time to ripen.

christianna said...

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TeresaR said...

Despite the weather being ornery, I think your garden is coming along nicely! The tomatoes that dh starts indoors are always leggy. He's about given up on starting them inside and just buys seedlings from the farmers market or the local greenhouse now.

Our garden is doing pretty well despite a slow start too. We're eating tomatoes, eggplants, broccoli, green beans (the peas are done now), cukes, and corn. Mmmmm!

Chai Chai said...

Stace - I was looking at pictures of Icelandic Rams today and those things are monsters, how in the world do you handle them?

Stace said...

Chai Chai - The rams are really like big dogs. There is no issue catching them, and we use the deck chair from Premier1 to hold them while we trim hooves. We really like it, it makes it SO much easier.

Gayle said...

Okay...I'm commenting on the July gardening post since I am way behind. My gardening sucked, too. I mean, I got stuff, but not what I'd hoped. Now it is Sept. and I am expecting a gardening update!!