Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lambing is finally over!

Final lamb count is 8 (same as last year)....6 rams and 2 ewes. Of course the two lambs that are outstanding are rams....and we really don't need anymore rams! The Major is thinking about trying to sell last years rams and keeping this years...they are really that nice.
This is Yakov. One of the outstanding rams. 12 1/2lbs at birth, he is a moorit mouflon/gray ram...big and gorgeous.
Letisha had two little white rams that I swear are identical twins. They both have the same phaeomelanin spots on the back of their neck and their tails.

All of the babies are out and running, Yuri, Yoko and Yoshi have formed a gang of 3 that pronks all over the place. Poor Darlin' and Ruthie...they can't keep track of them and are always out looking to see where their little trouble makers are now. Rita's little moorit ram has been trying to join them, and they do let him sometimes...and it's so funny to look out and see these 3 big lambs pronking around with the little one following along behind bleating...I swear he's saying "hey! wait up!!". We've been calling him Yoyo, mostly because he's always sleeping up on someones back. I looked out yesterday and he was up on Hershey-Pie's back sleeping...she stood up...he balanced as well as he could then jumped down.

All in all it was a pretty good year. Yes, we could have used a few more ewes, but there is always next year, and truthfully I'm really happy with the two ewes I did get, and the two fantastic rams...I'll find them a good home as herd sires, or I'll keep them and use them myself. Yeah, because I NEED more rams :P


TeresaR said...

OMG, they are SO freakin' cute! I really want some...but I don't wanna have to check vulvas. ;P

You guys also process lamb to eat, right? Are the rams from last year too tough?

Stace said...

We do eat lamb...although it's not my favorite. Last years rams might make good mutton...I'd certainly like their pelts...at least spot's. we'll see.

Chai Chai said...

Have you read anything about some Rams producing more ram lambs than ewes?

I guess you will be getting more sleep now at least.

Stace said...

I haven't read anything about that...we used the same rams last year and ended up with 5 ewes and 3 rams...so I don't know what happened...hopefully whatever it was is over and next year we get ewes! :)